• The chicken came first

    The chicken came first because where do eggs from the store come from? They come from chickens. Plus if you laid 1000 random eggs everywhere, What are the chances two of them come to be chicken eggs so the chicken has to come first so the egg can be labeled as a chicken egg.

  • The chicken came first

    God created chickens and then they laid eggs. Its that simple. The chicken came first. But do you think that Noah took eggs on the ark, Or chickens? Its an unsolvable mystery. Or maybe he took both? I don't know. I still have ten words to use up and I just did.

  • The egg came first.

    The egg came before the chicken. Eggs came into being at around 340 million years ago while chickens first evolved at around 58 thousand years ago. Also chickens are not the only beings that can lay eggs. Therefore it is pretty obvious that an egg came way before a chicken. Velociraptors laid eggs and they came before chickens.

  • An egg laying animal evolved into what is known as a chicken.

    Plenty of egg laying animals preceded the chicken. . . This was touched upon by others already.

    Maybe a harder question would be "which came first, The chicken or the chicken egg" because then you are opening up the possibility of a non chicken animal laying an egg of a chicken -or- that from its non-chicken egg, A chicken was born.

    In that instance, I think its more likely the animal inside the egg developed with a defect or mutation that made him what we might call a chicken. . .

  • What came first the chicken or the dinosaur

    There's really not much to say for this. It is well known that the majority of dinosaur species laid eggs far before the time of the chicken.
    So there's really no debate. The egg came before the chicken because eggs do not have to come from chickens.
    Thank you for listening to my TED talk

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