• Common sense? Parents teaching you certain morals? Idk

    I have never given in to peer pressure because I'm someone who simply doesn't care what others find to be more popular/cool and use common sense/logic.
    I've been offered drugs, alcohol, sex, cheats on exams, wearing certain clothing to fit in etc etc and I never found a need to do w/e they said or accept anything they offered me because logically it made no sense.

    Why do drugs if they harm my brain?
    Why drink alcohol if it damaged my brain?
    Why have sex with some stranger? Busy with school and rather do it with someone I love.
    Why cheat on a exam? That is against the rules and should not be done.
    Why wear different clothes to fit in? Wouldn't gain anything besides possibly fake friends so it's pointless and a waste of money.

    Using logic and my own feelings rather then the feelings of the crowd I've never really given in to peer pressure.

    I reckon parents also help allot, my parents have repeatedly told my brother and sister not to do drugs EVER because of how useless and harmful they are and don't drink yourself into being drunk and that's it, I haven't been told this since I had tried to distance myself from them so they didn't talk to me much so I simply use logic and logic tells you don't use drugs or drink alcohol much if at all, in my case none at all

  • Just say it

    Here you can say ur opinion its not a yes or no, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD Peer pressure is a massive problem and should be avoided what do you think, punishment, discussion? Many kids are addicted in harmful things like drugs and alchohol beacause of peer pressure be free to

  • It depends on how parents raise kids.

    Peer pressure is not necessarily an issue because it is present throughout our lifes, from childhood to adulthood. We are social animals, so we need to be with other human beings to fulfill the sense of identity we are looking for.

    Nevertheless, as many kind of issues in humanity, peer pressure is likely to be used by degenerated people in order to drive others in the wrong path. So it depends on our morals and values to avoid such appalling ways. The ones who don't care on family values, such as people who have raised in a disfunctional family, just to give an example, would probably be victims of peer pressure. The ones who have raised mentally and emotionally strong and mature, would recognize the risks of peer pressure.

  • Part of life.

    Like it or not, popularity is part of your life. The vast majority of people have a need to interact socially and to do that they need to be acceptable to others. We are all part of various groups no matter if you accept it or not. Being part of a group tends to make people feel safer but you don't have any say in the group if you are not part of the inner circle. To be closer to the inner circle, you must prove that you are truly a part of that group. That means doing what the group wants.
    What I find funny is those who feel they are going against this. The ones that consider themselves rebels. Problem is, they too form a groups with the same type of mentality. Because they want to be seen as a rebellious person, they do what all the other rebels do to show that they fit in with them.
    There are a few people who have a schizoid personality disorder (PSD). We, myself included, show no interest in being part of groups and tend to avoid direct association with other people in general. Whether we care or not, we are still part of various groups such as male/female, white/black, religious/non-religious, etc. We just don't care if the group notices us and in fact would rather they don't. Problem for us is, parts of our daily lives require us to interact with others. Many like myself, can fake it with ease. When I am doing my job in retail, the customers probably feel like I am the most socially acceptable person because I tell them what I think they want to hear. Guess it works because I have been given high marks on customer service. To me, it's part of my job so I do it.

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