What can I do to convince parents that im straight but I want to dye my hair dirty blonde justto change my look onceina while

  • Just do it for the

    You are strait. Who knows why parents think you are not. Just dye your hair and see if you can have any luck with a girl. Worst case scenario is that you get no dates but your hair will return to normal. I would dye my hair myself too if that meant getting a girl

  • Get it boo!

    If you want to dye your hair, Then do it! I mean, You should probably ask a friend's opinion because you don't want the hair color to not go with your skin tone, Obviously. I don't really know how your hair color is associated with your sexual orientation. Is dying your hair gay? If it is, I guess I'm not being a good gay guy.

  • Just be honest with them

    If you want to change your hair style then just be honest with them! Idk why they would associate hair change with homosexuality. . . But anyways, If you are honest with your parents and tell them how you really feel and why, Then most likely they will tell you how they feel and why you should or shouldn't do it.

  • I have a feeling my pare

    I have a feeling my parents think I am gay because I want to dye my hair dirty blonde (I’m a boy and yes I am Straight). What can I do to convince them that i am straight but I just want to change my look once in a while?

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