What christians are calling interpretations are actually just choosing PARTS of the bible and ignoring the rest. Agreed?

Asked by: steffon66
  • A good thing.

    A common example I can point to is the Lords Prayer. (Matthew 6: 9-13) If your branch of Christianity is like all the others I have experienced, your clergy has led his parish in prayer, probably including the Lord's Prayer. I would guess that most Christians have probably recited it so many times, that they know it by heart, well, most of it anyway. Usually, they skip the very first part of Matthew 6: 9 and start with "Our Father". The part they skip goes "In this manner therefore pray ye:" Clearly, this implies that there is a certain manner to make the prayer. "What manner?" you may ask. Obviously the manner that is told by Jesus in the versus prior (Matthew 6: 1-8). If you read it, it says that it should be done in secret. Though it may be a metaphor, it says to pray in your closet with the door shut. Metaphor or not, it clearly indicates that it should be done away from all public eyes including your own people and family. Thing is, it does not specify that it should be done just for that prayer but that it should be the common practice for all prayer. Go ahead, check for yourself. Clearly if your clergy is leading you in prayer, he is going against the instructions of Jesus. This is why I often wonder why Christians, of all people, should have an issue with not being able to pray in school. I say, obey your savior and keep your prayers in the closet.

  • Yes this is true.

    So many christians are reading only the new testament and ignoring the old. They say its the same god but the old testament morality is no longer correct. How could it have been right then while it isnt now. Nothing has changed to make the right course of action which was owning slaves turn into not owning slaves. Or killing to not killing. Or rewarding rapists to punishing rapists. These things were still just as horrible back then. Right is right even when no one is doing it and wrong is wrong even as everyone does it. Maybe if it werent for these ridiculous religions we would actually know right from wrong instead of saying we do and refusing to learn it.

  • Evolution: Facts changes through time

    Like any other system, what is good must remain and the bad shall be altered. Further, when you cut an apple in half, the part that will not be chewed will decay. Some people only eat what they could chew, nonetheless, they still finish eating after chewing what is inside their mouth. You cannot have it all in just one bite, but through time, you will know that you will eat the whole apple. This is why we have people trying to discover the mysteries of the universe to change a particular premise for a better rationale.

  • Yes, and it invalidates the whole...

    No one truly stays true to the bible, because it is impossible.

    How do you stay true to the things that contradict the other things...? As well, pretty much every 'interpretation' I have seen is a form of special pleading, with no reason to take the interpretation, biblically, outside their own opinion of what the passage means today.

    It just seems like a god inspired book shouldn't need so much 'interpretation'. For an all knowing, all powerful being, it is actually a pretty crappily written book.

  • Refuting the Arguments

    I am not writing this opening line to be hostile or rude, I just want to make an impression on the hostile attacks made. First of all, there are so many groups that are classified as "christian" that making any absolute statement about "Christians" should be avoided. I myself am a Christian, and would to approach this argument from that position. To refute the example given by MitchV, you have to understand not only the whole context of the chapter and sermon being delivered by Jesus, you also need to take in context with the whole Bible. This portion where it says, "pray in your closet" is being grossly misunderstood. When studying the rest of the chapter, we see Christ condemning the religious leaders of Israel's day for praying in public to receive glory and honor. This command to pray in your closet is not one hundred percent literal. If you are praying in front of people for your own pride, you are sinning, and miss-using God's gift to humanity. As to the literal interpretation, prayer is meant to be between the prayer and God. It is our way of telling God what we desire even though He already knows it. Public prayers are also scattered throughout the Bible, Old and New Testaments. Peter and Paul publicly pray on many occasions in Acts for the people that they were ministering to. Even Christ prays publicly while dying on the cross. If a Christian is devout they will believe that the Bible is infallible and cannot contradict itself. If it cannot contradict itself, then public prayer must not be a sin if it is done properly. I do agree that often Christians do take portions of the Bible out of context, but it is not usually by malicious intention, but by the fallibility inherent in all human beings. One Final point addressing the points of steffon66, the so called inconsistencies you present from Biblical history are not actually contradictory. If the Bible is true (which I believe it is) then God is an Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent being who, also being just and merciful can make whatever decisions He sees fit for the good of His people. He can forgive the sin of the rapist, but as a general rule rapists are to be punished for their actions. If in this instance you are referring tom the story of David and Bathsheba, then you must know that Davis was severely sorry for his actions, and was punished with the loss of the first son he and Bathsheba conceived together. God has the ability to be merciful because He is also Omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere at once, including everywhere in time. He can therefore look forward to the atoning death of Jesus on the cross to forgive the sins of His people. I can't go any further in to the theology than that for now, Thank you for your time!

  • Rhwe NSTG NES

    EhrgnbnrwNRO JI see why you think that christians are ignoring some bible text....I have to admit myself that we christians are gettting ignorant especially the youth. But your opinion or point is very vague in my opinion. These interpretations just seem to be used more than others because of the similar events happening to our life now. When you said "christians choose", well obviously you got to pick an interpretation that is linked to the dilemma. When you said "ignoring the rest" christians don't ignore but basically don't use it as often but knows the "rest" by common knowlege.You seem to be ignorant of the christian population, next time research further before you start speaking in such vague

  • To offer an example

    There are many Christians who dont even believe in biblical infallability so they dont need to follow it word for word. Also Chistianity is an entire culture and belief system and it is unfair to characterize it or amy religion by one book even if thats the major religious text.

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