• Yes, we do.

    The species as a whole does seem to share some common goals. In science many countries were racing to build that spaceship and be the first one on the moon, that is a good example of a common goal. We all wanted to go to the moon and see what is out there as a species.

  • Yes, we do share common goals

    Yes, I believe that as a species we share some basic human goals. We all want to succeed, we all want to make something of ourselves in our lives and we all desire some sort of happiness. We all have basic wants, needs and desires which are linked to goals and how we live our lives.

  • Collectively as a species yes.

    Human beings have within us a common goal towards progress both scientifically, socially, as well as physically. We create that progress of species progression via means of communication which has exploded within the last decade. As species we are continually evolving towards a common goal, however what that goal is remains to be seen.

  • No, individuals have different goals.

    There is no way that it should be said that as a species we share common goals. Many individuals differ in what their goals are for their lives. There are many people who settle for mediocrity and then there are those who want their lives to be extraordinary. These goals are not common in my opinion.

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