What contributes more to the problem of violence in the US: gangs (yes) or guns (no)?

Asked by: MarkR
  • Solid Experimental evidence.

    The question can be answered with a hypothetical experiment. Even being hypothetical, it renders solid evidence of the outcome.

    Remove the guns from the gangs: They would take clubs and continue violence.
    Remove the gangs from the guns: those would lie around without moving.

    Guns need an operator for becoming violent, Gangs need a tool. That brings the gang into an advantaged position.

  • Gangs clearly ..

    Most violence is not gun related and most gang violence is not gun related either. A gang has numerous individuals which tend to feel the need to impress one another with the violence or crimes they have committed. A gun has 1 owner and that owner has no need to impress the gun. Guns don't kill people... People with bad intentions kill people.

  • People kill people, not guns

    First of all gun control unintentionally causes more crime. It empowers the criminal. And even if gun control were to be used, that's not gonna stop criminals from getting guns. So criminals will always exist, gun control or not. But gun rights are more likely to deter crime, cause law-abiding citizens will have what they need to defend their family, loved ones, homes, farms and property

  • People commit crime, things don't.

    "In Chicago alone, more than 270 children have been killed since 2007. That’s almost 3 Newtowns per year in Chicago. Just the children," wrote Newt Gingrich in an article on the issue of violence in relation to gangs vs guns. He continued saying "in President Obama’s remarks on new gun control legislation in January, he pledged funding for 'scientific or medical research into the causes of gun violence,' arguing, 'We don’t benefit from ignorance. We don’t benefit from not knowing the science of this epidemic of violence.' It may come as a surprise to President Obama, but the cause of the “epidemic” in places like Chicago with high gun violence is not a mystery. It’s gangs.

    "Chicago police estimate that roughly 80 percent of homicides in Chicago are gang-related. Approximately 100,000 gang members roam the streets of that city, spread among a few dozen gangs which engage in near-constant battle. They outnumber police officers 10 to 1.
    "Although the problem is worst in Chicago, the murder capital of the U.S., gang violence is a growing threat nationwide. The FBI estimated in 2011 that there are roughly 1.4 million active gang members in the U.S., a 40 percent increase from 2009 (1)."

    Understanding that guns or things do not instigate or commit crime makes it easy to see that it is people that are responsible for the problem of violence in the US. Actually, Dustin Hawkins reported that 80% of homicides are gang related(2).

    We should be more focused on treating the root of the problem in the people instead of trying to control inanimate objects, which would not alter the violence rate because it is not the cause of the problem.


  • Trying to put violence on Gangs

    Unless you live in a a major city, where crime is high, you have little to worry about. Most people live in suburban areas. As you can see in the news you haven't been seeing Gangs on news station, you see more innocent people being shot. For example the Colorado Movie theatre incident, Sandy hook elementary, the killing of Trayvon Martin, Many college campus shootings, and and old Case of columbine.

    Lets not forget that these mass murders where at the hands of non gang members. Without guns, Gang violence becomes a group of people with nothing to gain authority with but maybe a knife and/or to fight. These are weapons that are almost harmless compared to guns.

    80% Right to bear arms.... Doing it for the wrong reasons, blaming it on the wrong people.

  • With out guns, gangs are not a big deal.

    When I was a kid ( before the gun boom), I lived in a poor area. All the kids were in gangs, but no one had guns. When you had an issue with someone, you'd fight them. One kid would get knocked out and be dizzy for a few days and that's the end of it, you can go on with your life. Today, all these kids get their hands on guns everyday in the paper, another 14, 15,16,17, or 18 year old kid is shot dead. Guns take fights and turn them into killings. We need them off or streets, we need them not to be sold.

    These gun runners take vans and go from Baltimore to down south where there is no gun control, they buy up guns, drive back up to Baltimore and sell them on the street. Red Necks get to feel like tough guys with there guns, a city kids get killed.

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