• This last election was a declaration by the countries voters

    After eight years of Barack Obama's divisive, progressive, policies the countries citizens declared with their votes that they were dissatisfied with the leftist progressive and divisive policies of Obama and certainly didn't want Hillary Clinton elected to carry his agenda's on for another four years. Hillary Clinton had thought that she would ride into the office of the presidency on the leftist progressive policies of Barack Obama but her own record in office, especially as Secretary of State proved to be too much of a debacle for people to consider electing her president of the country. Then too, the Clintons, both Hillary and Bill Clinton had a tainted history that lingered in people's minds that revealed a sorted past that was not to be ignored.
    Then when Hillary Clinton attempted to deal with Russia as Secretary of State, Russia's President Putin played her and Obama like the incompetents that they proved to be." The reset Button." that Hillary Clinton thought most clever turned out to only display her naive much to the discredit of the country. Putin had little respect and regard for this countries leaders and he had previously openly reflected on how little respect he held for president Obama when he said of him, " Vladimir Putin is reputed to have said that, “Dealing with obama is like playing chess with a pigeon; it knocks over all the pieces, craps all over the board, then struts around like it had just won the game."
    The American people had given the democrat party the privilege of representing the country for 8 years by electing one of them to office and the sad state of the country and its citizens today is the results of that misplace trust. The faith placed in them was misplaced and they have by their votes, said that they no longer want to follow the same disastrous path that Obama had taken the country down. Hillary Clinton would be more of the same failed leftist agenda's of Obama, the only change for the country would be that this time it would be a Clinton carrying out Obama's agenda

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