What do you believe: Evolution (yes) or Creation/intelligent design (no)?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • It's a scientific fact.

    It is soooo easy to disprove evolution. One fossil in the wrong place, a date that doesn't fit and the whole thing comes tumbling down. However, this has yet to occur. For some reason, evolution has yet to be disproven, and it already has been proven. I am more interested in what everyone else has to say.

  • Extremely supported theory

    Evolution has so much evidence supporting it. The number of fossils we have found right where they would be expected, the number of so-called 'transitional' fossils, and the genetic evidence all support the theory of evolution.

    Evolution has made successful predictions, both about human genetics, and where to find transitional fossils.

    Creationism doesn't have any published papers, any demonstrable evidence, any falsifiable hypothesis, or any predictions.

  • Evolution is adaptation

    Evolution can not only be proved by discovery of fossils in the right place, but it can also be proved by the adaptations made by the present species of earth. For example, the African elephants skin is more wrinkled compared to the Asian elephant, African elephants eat leaves whereas Asian elephants eat grass. The both are members of the same species, but due to their different environmental conditions they have different characteristics. Regarding fossils some of the previous species might have failed to adapt and this led to extinction .Some species adapted for example apes have evolved to form humans.

    Posted by: shiz
  • This shouldn't even be up for discussion anymore

    There are mountains of data to support the Theory of Evolution. Too many people discredit evolution based on a lack of understanding of what the theory is actually saying. Evolution is a constant thing, observable in real time today. Look at bacteria, for example. Why is MRSA becoming so much of an issue? Evolution. Small adaptations eventually add up to large changes. Humans are not special because some mythical creator made us, we are special because of the adaptations that gave us opposable appendages to manipulate our environment, and a brain with 86 million neurons to enable our creation of technology (starting with fire). These two advantages have enabled us to claim dominion over the Earth.

  • Science proved it.

    With something as simple and easy as a search on the Internet, you can find millions upon millions of resources and scientific papers that prove objectively how every living thing has evolved using radiometric dating and fossil records. Also, in laboratories, evolution has been observed and studied many times over.

  • Its only denied by people in denial.

    Evolution is as much a fact as gravity or anything else we know to be true. It is a scary prospect for some and that is why so many people fight against it but it is true. Its predictive and explanatory power is immense. From evolution we can know how far we need to dig to find remains of certain creatures. We can learn how to fight disease. We can even understand how better to selectivly breed domesticated animals. Evolution is one of mankinds greatest discoveries and only the blind or willfully ignorant can find any problems with it.

  • Follow the Evidence

    All of the evidence that we have thus gathered points entirely toward the gradual development and diversification of species over time. We have yet to find any evidence outside of unreliable ancient texts that even suggest that all of Earth's species suddenly appeared at the beginning of time as a result of the will of an omnipotent creator.

  • ID is much better science.

    Evolutionary biology in the Macro sense defined as: Change in pheno-type at the level of a population is pure speculation. All the fossils, DNA, homologies, everything is all a big collage. Things are slapped together one year and ripped apart the next and there's no accounting for it. It's true that science changes but this stuff is a train wreck. Astrology is more reliable in it's predictions. ID is based on direct observation and description and then careful comparisons to know systems and well established principles of statistics.

  • Where's the proof?

    I don't see any proof about human evolution. Just by saying "look at the fossils" doesn't prove anything. How do we know this is our "ancestors"? How do we know they weren't all killed? How do we know how old this stuff is? I know technology is getting more advanced, but I doubt you can scan something and the machine will say "This is blahblah million years old." How does it know that's what something blahblah million years old? It wasn't there back then.
    Plus, I like to not think of myself as a descendant of monkeys. I like to think of myself as a human who was created by a loving God, and that I will reach Heaven one day.

  • Evolution is correct, but intelligent design is probably responsibly for the events prior to evolution

    I personally believe in evolution and even though it is a theory and not a fact, it seems very probable based on Darwin's studies in the Galapagos islands. However, I think that all these theories only explain the evolution of life on Earth and only date back to earth's beginning. So for the all questions on where did all the material required for the creation of Earth or for the big bang to even occur (I know it's a theory, but let's say it is a fact for this argument), I think those were intelligently designed.

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Caploxion says2014-01-06T05:40:33.797
This is not to say evolution is a poor theory, but I find it amusing that a large majority of non-theists accept evolution, yet most couldn't begin to explain the theory correctly, let alone to an extent that would be convincing.
Lordgrae says2014-01-06T22:03:43.313
I find that amusing as well. I may not be good at articulating, but I did study this as a large portion of my Biology class last year.