What do you know about the war in Ukraine? About Putin? Do you think what he is doing is right?

Asked by: A.Starr
  • Putin is not a genocidal dictator as the west says

    Putin is not how the west describes him. He is not trying to reinstate the soviet Union, that is rather naive. He just liked the power of the Soviet Union, and how it competed with the west. When it collapsed, Yeltsin took power and took russia down a terrible set of policies that resulted in essentially pure capitalism. The mobs took over, businesses failed, and Russia became a less powerful puppet state of the west under Yeltsin. All Putin did was ignore the western leaders policies, rebuild their military, and take fuller power. Since then, the Russian economy has taken off, the mobs are down, and the country is once again a world power.
    The situation in Ukraine is misleading. The west sponsored a coup d'état on the pro russian president of Ukraine, and immediately installed a new pro western leader who would adhere to their teachings. There are multiple phone conversations recorded with US and UN officials discussing who they would put in power. The U.S. has even installed a neo nazi party in Ukraine, called svod

  • Putin is a liar!

    Putin has said many times that he is not sending guns or troops into Ukrainian territory and he has lied to so many people, telling everybody different things, whatever they want to hear. However, he clearly is responsible for the war and he isn't planning on stopping any time soon.

  • I do not really know.

    I have heard that half of Ukraine wants to join Europe and the other half want to join Russia. I have also heard that Putin kills innocent and how he's trying to start the "Soviet Union" again. I do not really know if this is correct or not. I just really want to know all that is going on.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-03-17T03:18:56.430
Putin's actions are either a result of paranoid conspiracy theories involving the West trying to encircle and subdue Russia, or they're part of a plan to increase Russian influence (and possibly territory) across the globe.
If the former, his actions are understandable, but still not "right".
debate_power says2015-03-17T19:51:19.817
1. What the heck does it matter if his actions were "wrong" to some people 2. Currently, Putin is not "doing" anything