What do you like to watch: anime (yes) or cartoons (no)?

Asked by: arbinshrestha
  • I like anime better

    Anime is more compelling and usually has better story line. Anime also provides better characters with more distinguished personalities with awesome back story which are also better drawn than those of cartoons. Even though cartoons like tom and jerry and bugs bunny(old and classic version) are hilariously funny. To bad they are banned now.........

  • Cartoons Transport Me

    I prefer cartoons because they transport me to a time when I was a kid sitting in front of the TV when mom was either cooking super, or baking something delicious. I also loved to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings before going to a game, or a scout function. I like to tune in from time to time even if I can find my favorites on YouTube.

    The anime's are okay, but at least for me don't spike interest like the good old fashioned cartoons, perhaps it's my age.

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