What do you think about a global currency?

Asked by: Faruch
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  • It will remove competition

    The US Dollar is experiencing 10 or 13% inflation (it really is no joke) , so- I can move to Switzerland and enjoy a -0.2% inflation rate with a side of 25% fractional resrve rate, that way I can have confidence that my Swiss Francs will be worth just as much tomorow as they are today, more even.
    With a world currency, if my money has 10-13% inflation, I'm stuck with it- I'm screwed.

  • It won't work

    I don't think it will work. And what will happen with the current currency's? I also find that there will be too much risks and there's a chance that a lot of countries will deny a global currency. The value will also be a problem, how will they determine the value?

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