What do you think about a man wearing pantyhose with shorts? Good look? Or Bad look? Yes? Or No?

  • Stylish and can have health benefits

    There is no need for this type of hosiery to be attached to a particular gender. It's social conformity that makes men feel that it's a female item. Apart from personal taste, Style, There are many health benefits like support. And also preventing restricting elastic in socks digging on to the leg.

  • Comfortable and purposeful

    The arguement of pantyhose being a female only item of apparel is unacceptable. Women wear mens clothing and that is acceptable?
    Men wear pantyhose for support, The comfort and the aesthetic for hiding skin blemishes as much as a woman may do. We all have legs and have the right to wear whatever we wish, That includes the various types of pantyhose available. Gender stereotyping is no longer acceptable and is seen as discrimination. Pantyhose is simply apparel that any gender may wear. It is time society realised that it is time to stop judging a book by its cover do to speak.

  • It feels great and warm in winter

    When it gets colder in Fall and in Winter, I prefer to wear pantyhose under my jeans. My wife initially disliked it, But nowadays she accept this as quit normal. In winter I get pain from osteoarthritis in my right knee. Wearing a pantyhose from 20 up to 100 denier helps to feel better.

  • Looks great on your legs

    Pantyhoses are also very nice on legs of men. Why
    should only women wear pantyhoses? Men can wear them for medical reasons but also to hide imperfections on legs. Men like also to show their legs when wearing shorts or bermudas. Are pantyhoses not unisex? I hope that more men will wear pantyhoses to show their legs!

  • They work for me!

    I am a man and I wear full support pantyhose with shorts (or pants) to help relieve and prevent spider veins and varicose veins. I have a mild case of both right now and I hope to keep them from getting worse. Since I have been wearing them I have found that my legs are not as tired feeling as they were before. I like the look and I'm not afraid to wear them in public with my shorts.

  • Out of place

    Have you tried other types of leg braces or compression socks? They might actually do a better job at helping your condition
    My barber wears those socks and does not look out of place. Plus the socks are tough and do not break apart if they get caught in something. Chances are that you must have broken some where as a compression sock is more durable.

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