What do you think of zoos? Click Yes if you think there should be zoos, and no if you think there should not be zoos.

Asked by: ClaraBains
  • Zoos are wonderful

    Many zoos participate in programs to re-introduce endangered species into the wild. Zoos often take in orphaned or injured animals that would otherwise die in the wild. Zoos are also great at education the public/children. Many have special education buildings where people can come for classes.

    If there are some zoos lacking in these areas we should work to remedy the situation, not shut down all zoos.

  • Zoos are not bad

    Today's society is too wrapped up in video games and technology That they do not see nature for what it is. With zoos children can see and learn about nature, animals, and biodiversity all in one while having fun and seeing something first hand that you never would walking down the street. Zoos are not only too help teach people about the wildlife but to help maintain their existence. Many of the creatures in the zoo are rescued or endangered and 90% of the time it's both. With out zoos much of the wildlife we see today would only be seen on paper and in movies just like the dinosaurs.

  • Yes I agree

    I agree zoos are right in the sense of endangered animals to control and monitor their population so they don't go extinct and can repopulate at a good pace. Although for larger more exotic animals like the Bengal tiger or the African elephant more space should be available and they should be placed in a national park with way more space to roam than a contained zoo. Zoos also are helpful because they teach our society about the animals that live there and educate us on them as well

  • Zoos are very important

    There should be Zoos because they provide homes for animals and species . Also because they are the only habitats they have after there natural habitat . Many animals come from all around the world , they were thrown out of their natural habitat and environment. Having no where to go Zoos are made in different kind of temperature whether it's Tundra , desert , Rain forest or Savannah they are all varies, the Zoos put each species or animals in their habitats they came from . Having Zoos gives them the comfort feelings of being home and they are able to grown and survive because they are familiar with the environment .

  • Yes because animals need homes

    There should be a zoo because it's where animals live , that's their home where they are use to. Also a zoo is meant to feel like home , because all the animals and species come from different part of the world. They need certain kind of temperature and environment to survive. Some of the animals and species are thrown out their natural habitat , so living in a Zoo gives them the comfort feeling of being home and they know they are safe . Zoo should be there at all times .

  • Zoo's protect animals

    Zoo's have many wildlife and animals within them. These animals are all protected by humans. There biodiversity will be existent for a long time because there will be no loss in resources or predators to hurt them. These animals will not be extinct because they would be under our protection and care. Some animals do deserve to be out in the wild but if resources are limited zoo's provide the resources the animal needs to survive.

  • There should be zoos.

    Basically, there has to be a zoo to tame animals and protect them from being extinct. Apart from the fact that zoo is used to somewhat entertain people, it also provides us the benefit of further learning the nature of the animals. Zoo is also important so that animals will surely be well-compensated as compare when they are just walking around. The zookeeper will certainly provide food for those animals. On the contrary, there is a tendency that even though animals will go by themselves in the wild, there will still come a time when they are going to suffer from famine or if not, from jejune food they eat which may also be toxic and obviously fatal.

  • Zoos are not bad

    Trips too the zoo are a learning experience to all the visitors that go no matter the age range. Yes it is also entertainment, but who are you to say enjoying nature and experiencing wildlife first hand is wrong. Zoos are an important part of the existence of education to people and the life of the animals in the zoo. The people learn about the pollution, biodiversity, and extinction among many other important things that could help the animals who are still in their habitats. Animals are also protected and cared for. There are rescue animals at the zoo an many of the animals are on the endangered species list. The zoo is not a prison or a clown show it's a sanctuary and a thrown for these animals to live long and safe lives. Yes there are problems nothing is perfect, but it's not as bad as being gunned down in the wild.

  • I believe zoos are good.

    Zoos help animals who are endangered become reintroduced to an environment. Zoos use captive breeding which help to raise endangered animals . Cloning is also another way to help the population continue to grow. We can learn from zoos what we could do to help endangered animals. Zoos should exist

  • Zoos should exist

    I think zoos exist because they do a lot for endangered species. They use captive breeding which helps the species and then reintroduce the species to the wild. Also cloning helps species population grow. Zoos also help in other ways with trying to help promote biodiversity and getting kids to learn more about nature and wildlife.

  • There should not be zoos.

    Zoos do not teach children about animals, but that imprisoning animals for their own entertainment is acceptable.
    In 1992, Bill Travers discovered Zoochosis, an abnormal behaviour in zoo animals where they suffer from stress, confinement, frustration and boredom. Symptoms include repeated biting or sucking against the cage bars, pacing and circling following the exact same route, repeated vomiting, coprophagia or playing with food, rocking, which is a recognized symptom of mental illness in humans, over-grooming, and self-mutilation or self-inflicted physical harm.

  • Zoos make it harder for animals to develop their natural instincts.

    Zoos are great for viewing and learning about animals that are indigenous to your area, but they can be very bad for animals. Animals do not develop the knowledge and skills they need to survive while locked in a cage. For example humans would not get to be the intelligent and inginuititive species that it is if they were trapped in slavery for all their lives. Also, many zoos neglect their animals and do not properly take care if them or their habitats.

  • Zoos take away from the animals natural instincts.

    Zoos take away from the animals natural instincts. Animals do not learn how to hunt or defend themselves in a zoo. Tht is something that can only be learned in natural habitats. For example... Humans could not learn to be independent and ingenuititive if we were stuck in slavery. Also... Too many zoos neglect to take care of the animals and their habitats.

  • Zoos are like slavery

    Reason why I said that is because in slavery times we were treated as animals as well. We were caged in a society where we were not allowed to get out nor be free. We were pointed at laughed at sometimes. Taken from our homes with no explanation, no say so. I direct this analogy to zoos because these animals are taken from their homes, there natural habitat where they were born and put in cages......Why? Yes they are being fed and the zoos try to make it look like home but it's not. The animals are meant to be free and not trapped in a cage where they are laughed at or used as a mock, people taking pictures and pointing. Zoos are fun to go to and explore different types of animals but in reality, it's not fair to them at all.

  • Animals should be free, not caged in.

    Animals shouldn't have to be taken away from there natural habitat and put into a cage for them to live for the rest of there life. I believe animals should be free in there own habitat. Zoos are taking animals from the wild and putting them into a urban area just for entertainment. Animals start to lose their skills of survival when they are kept in captivity. Elephants and other wild animals should be kept in an National Park so that they can roam freely.

  • No to zoos

    Captive animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, and as a result, they become bored and lonely. If you’ve ever witnessed a captive animal rock and sway back and forth, it's because they don't want to be there. Animals are unable to thrive in small enclosures, especially with unnatural weather and climates.

  • No to zoos

    Captive animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, and as a result, they become bored and lonely. If you’ve ever witnessed a captive animal rock and sway back and forth, it's because they don't want to be there. Animals are unable to thrive in small enclosures, especially with unnatural weather and climates.

  • Animals have sex

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  • Why????????????????Zoos are bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zoos do not help endangered species many species have died off in zoos. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II I II I II I II II II

  • Zoo SHOULD NOT exist

    I think that zoos should be banned because all they do is keep the animals captive for peoples enjoyment and the owners wallet. Animals would become scared (possibly) abused by humans, driven crazy by the constant noise and lack of change, diversity and privacy. Some zoos even had polar bears, with a FAKE iceberg and a small concrete area to pace all day long, and a small insignificant pool of warm water.

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T11:00:36.737
Yes, you can't just send them back to the wild. Not all zoo animals are from the wild