• As expounded in the book by Akio Nakatani

    I have read this book and watched a number of excellent videos on this subject that show how, Why and by whom this hoax was perpetrated on the world. It was designed to keep people in perpetual fear, Rely on big brother government for safety and steal billions of dollars in nuclear weapons, Testing and defense. If nukes had been real, Why would they have been made known when a secret weapon is much more powerful than a public one? Also, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire-bombed like Tokyo as aerial photos show that all bridges, Concrete structures and telephone poles survived the blast!

  • I have heard from people who were in one

    I have read actual books and I have concluded that they are 100% real but not as dangerous as you think yes they can kill a lot of people but not that easy to make and not that easy to use, USA has made multiple of them but It would be kinda hard to use a lot of them because of how dangerous they can be to someone in the sky flying them somewhere

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