What has a more dangerous message Religion (yes) or Government (no)?

Asked by: Bluepaintcan123
  • Well lets compare virtue

    The law will punish you for killing someone. The bible and other religions say you deserve a reward for killing a different kinds of people making them contradictory when it comes to virtue causing controversy hate and many other detrimental things. Religion will justify you no matter what you want to do while the government will not. As far as power goes its not a message and i think theonebeingcreated is a psychotic idiot as his post makes no sense. Also religion has plenty of power. It has power over our minds and our will. I dont see anyone here sparing cows because they are considered to be sacred but in india it is or was illegal to eat beef because they thought cows were sacred. Grow up and stop killing each other over subjective morals. I will say this though. The government uses religion as a tool to keep us irrational about morality so that we dont demand fairness and this is how our leaders keep the advantage. The government though is necessary while religion is not. Without the government more of us would suffer while without religion far few would suffer and we would make rules as we would in a game based on fairness and equality. People say life is unfair when their unfair treatment is pointed out. Most of the lack of fairness is due to unfair people who say stuff like this. In this way anything can be "justified" and your stupid if you cant see that.

  • Is Government in a simplistic answer, but...

    Is the 'power' (In the sense of control over anything) that has the most dangerous message. Religious regimes were, and are, held for power; The most horrific episodes of Europe was held under regimes that wanted to maintain their current power.

    Power has the power to corrupt anyone that it touches.

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