• Food, Literature and philosophy.

    The Chinese have given us food. Specifically, Noodles. This expanded to Europe, India, Korea and Japan. Through this, We got pasta, Ramen, Etc.

    The Chinese have given us literature, Such as the acclaimed piece 'Art of War', Which includes a series of anecdotes which compare war to life.

    And lastly, The Chinese have given us philosophy. Similar to India, A series of philosophical approaches to life have sprouted from China, Such as Daoism, A philosophy dedicated to harmony.

  • Not much at all

    OK, Here's the complete list:

    1. Gunpowder.

    Let's remember that they eat with sticks and have NO cheese. To keep their country united they wasted more money and lives than any other "civilization". They export poison products and let's not forget that virus thing. Why does the world kiss their behind?

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