What has more effect on a child, nature (yes) or nurture (no)?

  • Nature outweighs nurture...Just

    Whilst nurture has previously been seen as more influential to a child's development there has recently been research to suggest that nature now outweighs this. Although I agree that nurture has a large impact on how a child develops nature influences this more so. Genetics play a big part in pre programming and putting limits on a child's ability to perform and a child that is genetically more intelligent will be able to outdo academically one whose genes may not have given them this same ability. These two children could come from very similar family backgrounds, have access to the same resources, have the same standard of education; the one which is pre programmed to do better academically will always perform better. This of course does depend on how the child applies themselves and nurture also plays an important part in their development as children with worse family lives are statistically more likely to do worse as they won't have as much access to resources or possibly family support; however equally so children from bad backgrounds have sometimes tried harder to achieve in order to get a better quality of life when they grow up. Ultimately though it is genetics that put a cap on how able the child is and this is transferrable to all aspects of their life.
    As well as this if a child is born with a severe genetic disorder/illness whether mental or physical this is likely to affect them more than nurture could. Especially as although we'd like to think it didn't exist there is still a lot of discrimination and stigma surrounding this and the way they are raised and the way they develop could be linked to how their parents and people around them cope with this disability. In this case the way they are nurtured is directly linked to the nature side of the argument and therefore make nature the more important aspect.

  • Nuture has more effect.

    I am not sure what is meant by nature. If this means you genes (biology), then this can have some effect on a child. If it means nature (environment) then it still can have some effect on a child. However, nurture outweighs both of these things. If a child is shown a lot of love and attention they will fare better than a child with good genes from a stable family.

  • Nurture has more effect on a child

    Any living creature within our global ecological system is born with carnal desires. These desires include survival, sustenance, reproduction. However, with sufficient nurturing, any individuals behavior can be moderated in due time. Just as convicted felons can turn a new leaf for the better, so can any individual who sincerely applies themselves to change.

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