What have Black American's contributed to the United States?

Asked by: JonathanDJ
  • In contrast to my last opinion post "Has the Black Community Become A Cancer on society" in this post I'd like to discuss the contributions.

    If people think that the contributions of Black American's have been negligible then you would mark No and state your reasons. As a group of people Black American's repeatedly showed an ability to achieve and to be moral and decent people in-spite of the mistreatment they suffered at the hands of others. I consider this to be true of Black Americans largely before the 1960's. Those who witnessed the contribution of Black American's in the Civil War frequently spoke of the Black soldiers exceptional bravery and character. Such movies as Glory which highlight the experience of the Massachusetts 54th Infantry tell just one of these stories. Another example of overcoming great odds due to bigotry was the Tuskegee Airmen. As far as individuals go my favorite is Booker T. Washington (whose B-day is on April 5) he wrote the very famous book "Up From Slavery". Of course there are such individuals such as life saving luminaries like Dr. Charles R. Drew who made great advances in blood transfusion technology (He did not die from not being admitted to a hospital by the way, that's a myth: and Dr. Daniel Hale Williams who preformed the first open heart surgery and opened the first non segregated hospital. There are many more examples. Unfortunately Slavery didn't contribute much to this countries development. Most of that money went to solely benefit the plantation owners. It didn't help the US economy much. Personally one of my favorite past Black Americans is Miles Davis, for obvious reasons.

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