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  • She's too young for romance, And she'll be ruined for the rest of her life.

    Just let kids be kids. A relationship like this will damage her for the rest of her life. As she is far too young to understand what's going on, And it damages them because they are far too young for it. Plus they are easily manipulated, Because they think because an adult is telling them to do it, It must be okay. Then they relise it isn't years later and go to the police. Paedophiles are the scum on the earth for a reason. They should have the death penalty for the damage they do to children.

  • They are too young.

    You can try to wait for them to become 18 but while that happens you will turn old and disgusting, Forget about the child let her be. Nobody in their mind would think it's fine for somebody to have a crush on an underage, Disgusting. If you disagree with us you should be locked up in a f***ing asylum.

  • Forget about her or else.

    Chances are that you are a creepy man, And even if you wait until she is 18 you will be older and creepier. Just leave her be. Let her grow up and find someone her age, And stop those feelings.
    Find someone your age. Because if you only like childrenyou will go to jail and they hate people who prey on children.

  • There too young to know what love is!

    This is highly wrong. Little kids only feel love for parents and family. They don't know what romantic love is! They don't know what they want to do with there life. Having a romantic relationship is just taking over a young person's life, Taking advantage of someone who can't even defend themselves. Little children just do what adults want them to do. They don't know that you being in love doesn't mean they are. No.

  • No no no!

    If you're an adult in love with a little girl, That is far from ok. It's not cool. It's jacked up. Children shouldn't worry about love if they are so young. It's also highly illegal. I hear pedos don't do well in prison. They will be treated as the scum of the earth. Just as deserved.

  • Remember what love is

    If you are really in love with someone, Not just lust,
    then you want the best for them, Right?

    Think what's the best for her.

    I'm sure you'll find that letting her grow up to an adult, So she can really make up her own mind, Make informed decisions about her life, And whom she wants to spend it with (and whom to have sex with) is the best for her, As is for any person.

    And thus, If you indeed love her, I'm sure you will stay away from a romantic or sexual relationship with her while she's a child.

  • 100% no no

    Why on earth would you be in love with someone who don't know what is love yet. In my culture, When the girl have period, That's mean she already matured but they're still considered really young. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let kids be kids. It's totally their right. Help us to make this world safer for kids. The innocent

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