• Men are weaker in every aspect except brute force and current monopolization of power structures.

    History has made the argument already, no need for redundancy. For those uninitiated, start with Eisler's "The Chalice and the Blade." The law of parsimony holds true here as the major arguments are predicated on the interaction of culture and biology. That Y chromosome degrades over time at any rate...

    Posted by: DrJT
  • Yes women should take a greater part in running the world

    In the case of Africa, the future of the continent and countries of Africa would benefit from having women in charge. If all the monies given to Africa from what ever source was given to the women they would buy food, health care and shelter for their families, you give it to the men, history has proven they spend it on guns and Mercedes cars. This would be true for all of the world, they fought for long enough for equality now it is time for them to do something with it.... COME ON LADIES SORT THIS CRAP OUT YOU KNOW YOU CAN

  • What if, what if?

    What if women stopped asking this question and got out there and started doing something about making it true? It is my belief that no one gender or race will ever truly rule the world, but there will always be the majority issue, which apparently translates to absoluteness. Come on, women, get out there and make your mark.

  • Remarkable fast change in women

    Women clearly lacked the intellectual capacity and emotional fortitude to make the difficult decisions that leadership required. It wasn't bias, it was biology - it was just the way women were made.

    But that was then. In recent decades, attitudes and ideas have changed - and fast. That's not to say that every corner of the world has welcomed women moving from the traditional and private into the modern and public. But move they have.

    So what's changed? A lot. As a huge and growing body of research and experience makes clear, empowering women makes things better. Not perfect. But better.

  • Yes the country would be better with a female president

    In nigeria all the past presidents have done nothing but to bring down the economic and they only come to steal and corrupt the country so its time for a female president. People then to think that women are weak and emotional but that is not true, This is because women are not given the opportunity to stand up, Because is they want to stand up the men always bring the down because they say that we are too weak and cannot lead a country, Which is very bad

  • Men are already wasting resource

    If women ruled, the resources will wasting at a faster rates, feminism gave women power over marriage and what was the result? Higher divorce rate and lower birth rates to a dangerous level that might cause extinction, that is just when women control marriage so you can imagine what will happen if women controlled the world

  • Women shall not rule the world

    Because women would only look at clothes shopping and blab la so on they wont look at other commercial and other criminal cases they are so looser so how will they defend the country yet some women are afraid of dogs i m not talking something bad but its reality and even though i am a girl

  • Who said men ruled the world?

    I think we all have to take a step back and look at the picture whole. Who said only men ruled the world? Margaret thatcher is a great female leader, mother Teresa was someone who changed the world and at least lead a few people to do the same.. So why are we under the illusion that only men can lead?

  • I am not against no but I am not going to yes

    This is a tough topic to say yes or no. It's more ethical. If a woman has a strong leadership skill then yes. If a women has some background on political view then yes. If a women just wings and says that it's time for women to rise then no. Look there have been great female leaders like Margret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto to name a couple. There are also ones who think they can because they have been in the background they have some experience like Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin who are just terrible lairs. It all comes down to how well of trust they can form and how strong of background knowledge. Smart doesn't always cut it when it comes down to ruling. It comes down to how strongly you can fight the other party that includes big business.
    You can always be smart but sometimes the smartness isn't going to cut it when you are being pressured by many people. We are starting to see women running for president in United States, women stand up for what man could never stand up for like bullying and rape. Kudos to them, the reason they never win anything is because everything is set up so only certain people win that's why so few women have ever gotten in power. Benazir Bhutto got shot for that reason because she couldn't get through to the terrorists she got shot. If you can't get people to trust. It's doesn't matter if you are man or woman you will have issue. Look at Barack Obama he is not in that comfy seat in the white house anymore.

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