• I believe her role is to nurture, Always be available to him, Support him always.

    Such a turnoff when I hear a man give the equal speech. Ummm we’re not equal! You are supposed to be a MAN. I’m interested in hearing what others have to say in regards to this topic as I feel nobody understands or supports my beliefs when it comes to my idea of a women’s role in a relationship.

  • To be a care taker

    A woman in a marriage should know her place

    Wich is as care taker to and best friend/lover to her man

    As a care taker she should cook dinner for her husband when he gets home from work and keep the home clean and neat

    As best freind she needs to talk to her man about herself as well as him telling how her day was and hearing how his was speaking her mind and not hiding her feelings from him as well as play video games with him

    As a lover she should cuddle and snuggle with him when he wishes and please him sexually

  • Be my slave

    To do what ever i tell it to do because its a object that serves me, It should cook take care of the kids take care of me take care of the house take care of the pets and make sure my life is fantastic and it should also never talk back

  • Whatever the man wants.

    It is whatever the man wants it to be. In the ideal society, Women would have no rights, And would reviece no education, Except in upkeep of a home and how to please a man. From there, I should be able to do whatever my heart desires. Sex whenever I want? Perfectly fine. Forced labor for monetary gain? Smart and lucritive. Beating it just for kicks? Who hasen't wanted to beat one of these things senseless. In the end, These things are just a collection of holes and maybe something to take a mans stress out on.

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eyecu says2020-04-25T02:10:27.090
Roles vary in each relationship. Roles aren't meant to only be witnessed, They're meant to be experienced, Therefore we can't say what the role is and isn't. At least in the future, This kind of thinking will cease to be relevant. The only thing that will be relevant is what you personally enjoy, And if your partner enjoys those things as well.

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