• A global tax dodge is a good thing.

    A global tax dodge is a good thing. This allows citizens to take advantage of opportunities to save money. It may hurt the industry in the long run but temporary relief can benefit long term too. The more money that is in citizens pockets the more they can buy and invest in their economy. That is what keeps the economic wheel turning.

  • Just Change Tax Laws

    Dodging taxes isn't the best idea. We need to just change the tax laws to a more consumer-based society. Income tax laws are outdated and began 150 years ago. But now, we have a consumer-based society in which people have to spend money to make money. Since spending money is the economic engine that drives modern humans, we need to have sales tax-based initiatives needed to raise revenue instead of taxing incomes. An economic boon will help that immensely.

  • An economic boon is better than a global tax dodge.

    An economic boon is better than a global tax dodge. An economic boon refers to a positive gain in revenue for investors, which in turn would stimulate local and global economies. A global tax dodge would lead to a steep fall in Government revenue and would cause an economic down turn.

  • The second one

    I think that it is a lot better to have an economic boom that for the people in the world to dodge all of their taxes. I think that a tax dodge will do a whole lot of bad things for a nation, and that it will end up ruining the world.

  • An economic boom benefits more people.

    A global tax dodge ultimately helps no one except for the rich to get even richer. An economic boom helps everyone become more prosperous, but not rich beyond the dreams of avarice. So I would be in favor of the economic boom lifting everyone a little bit, instead of a tax dodge helping the exalted reach further heights.

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