What is better- American football or Football (Soccer)?

Asked by: ZachZimmey
  • Football is the better sport

    I say foot ball is the better sport obviously because people are more than likely to switch from soccer to football i mean some people do not even want to here the word soccer when there watching football i mean foot ball was liked when people first started to play and more people like it more every day

  • Football is obviously better

    If you think that soccer is a better sport than football, well then you are a stupid piece of crap. In soccer al you is run back and forth on a filed and maybe a team will score two goals in a game... Boring. Sure you might get more hurt in football but that is the price you pay for playing the best sport in the world. Also in soccer they barely get hit and they fall to ground and fake injuries like a bunch of babies, get up you baby.

  • American football is so much better

    If you think that soccer is a better sport well then you are a stupid piece of crap. All you do in soccer is run back and forth and maybe a team will score two goals in a game... Boring. In football it is more exciting and yeah sure more people might get injured, but thats the risk you will have to take to play the greatest sport on the face of the earth. #boomroasted

  • Soccer is the most played sport in the world.

    Soccer is played by Men, Women, and children all over the world and people put blood sweat and tears in when they play this sport and people play this sport all day, every day. Soccer is way more safe than american football and some people can die from playing american football.

  • Soccer is much much more safe

    American football has an injury rte of 8.1 per athlete exposures but in soccer its 2 injuries per 1000 players which says enough had there are a lot of concussions in the football which overtime leads to critical brain damage and american football is a sport that is only popular in the United States.

  • A more worldwide sport

    Soccer (football) is easily a better sport. It is played worldwide, and has its own international governing body. American football, on the other hand, has no international governing body, and is only played in one country- the US. The only other sport that is similar is Canadian football, and still, there are some major differences. Furthermore, soccer has been proved as a way to unite people, and include friendly rivalries. Meanwhile, American Football is a small league, with little chance for growth, and is easily the less safe sport, with the majority of player undergoing concussions. Soccer, despite being played for many more years than American football, has had considerably less cases of player injury due to body collisions. With a more continuous flow of play, soccer is better for the body and the mind. With all of these benefits, it is quite obvious that soccer is the better sport.

  • Soccer is Life

    For me, soccer is way better than American football. Soccer is what I have grown up playing, so watching the games are just much more enjoyable. It just has a much better flow with the plays since the ball and players are constantly moving. And occasional "to-funny-to-be-real" flops are a real plus. Soccer all the way.

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