What is better: Google Chrome (yes) or Mozilla Firefox (no)?

  • Chrome is better

    I use both but i tend to see that it is much easier to use chrome for day to day use. It is easier to use chrome and play games and videos but the private browsing and the fact that Firefox is a non-profit organisation is good about Firefox.
    Overall CHROME IS BETTER for almost every use

  • Google Chrome Is Great!

    Google Chrome Is A Very Good Browser. It Works Very Well For My Needs. It lets me use google drive offline. I need that. It is more customizeable with apps. That,s Why I say it is good. Chrome Has Themes And Extensions Witch Make It Very Good In My Opinion.

  • Chrome is the best!!

    I think Google Chrome is a good browser, because, hardly anybody ever uses it, and I am the only one, Chrome is a lot more simple, and easy to customize, and it is faster, Firefox and Internet Explorer are a lot more slower, they need to continue updating these two others.

  • Yes, Google Chrome is better then Firefox.

    I much prefer using Google Chrome as opposed to Firefox. The main reason is that Google Chrome usually operates more smoothly and efficiently then Firefox for me. There is less advertising bloat ware and it seems to be more stable in many cases. This is why i believe Chrome is better then Firefox.

  • Chrome Is Better

    Chrome is by far a better browser than Mozilla's Firefox. Chrome is simplified, easy to use, and easy to customize according to a user's need. Google's search integration into the browser is an invaluable asset that makes web surfing quicker and easier to do. Once a person tries Chrome, it is hard to go back to Firefox.

  • Chrome eats RAM

    Firefox is open source, responsible, and definitely superior to Chrome. My old Acer laptop struggles with Chrome, my new phone overheats with it, but everything's works fine with Firefox. You also get to choose different versions and get to customise it. There's little reason to choose Chrome. That's all there is.

  • Go Fire Fox

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  • More Choices And Its Non Profit

    I use both personally, but always find myself opening Firefox over Chrome. Firefox to me at least has more customization to it with the Add-Ons then Chrome does. Plus Firefox is non-profit and that alone makes the browser the priority, not the money. Chrome does a great job, but I feel that they spam me with adds and force me to use their products. That's not always a bad thing but it gives Firefox an edge.

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