• Roblox is better

    I don't have support. Qqqqqqqqqqqq q q q q q q q q w w w w e e r r t t t y y y y g f d s s eee e e e e e e e e e e ee e e e ee e e e

  • I think roblox should is better

    Roblox is good because of the millions of games you can play. Roblox is good because 1) The millions of players you can meet. 2) The millions of games you can play. 3) You can create alot of games as long as you know how to build,script,make art,and have audio that fits the game you can make

  • They both suck

    Play a real game get a real resolution. You cant say yes to a non yes or no question. You need to be held back. Play a real game. At lest minecraft is decent. The others er just bad. Kogama is a crappy rip off of roblox and roblox is bad.

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