• Virus Free Environment

    Intuitive to use. User friendly. Trash can icon. Easy of use. Attractive design. Low maintenance. Innovative. Love the interfaces. Annoying array of chords, system upgrades, but holds it value better than PC. Started in late 90 with MAC and never looked back. Not a graphics person, but love the possibilities.

  • Macs are WAY better.

    No virus software needed, saving 100's of $$$ a year; all software works together; you can put PC software on too; very simple interface; creating docs, films, etc, is so much simpler with 'drag n drop'; everything about a Mac is just superior! I love my Mac. You wouldn't get me back into a PC for quids.

  • Macs are better quality

    Macs have updates that help run games better graphics for gaming and an adapter for hooking up an xbox 360 or a playstation 3. Delivering amazing text. You can also use it for work and you can make songs and photo albums. With quick changes. You can have more than one internet browsers at a time.

  • Mac is better any day

    Mac is better than windows in many aspects. It is fast and is more user friendly than windows. The most important part being that it does not easily get effected by virus whereas windows get caught in virus attacks may times. Mac is more powerful than windows and will always be better than it

  • Macs are great... Until they aren't.

    I recently switched from PC to mac (~ a year ago), and I have to say, I wish I hadn't. At first, it was great. It worked smoothly, it was intuitive. About five months in, though, I ran into my first problem. I turned it on one day, three days before finals, and it took twenty minutes to boot. When it loaded, everything ran so slowly that it was basically unusable. And that's when I discovered Apple's biggest design flaw, from a consumer perspective: no error messages. I trawled the online forums. Nobody had heard of this problem. I tried their support website's catch-all solutions. No luck. Called theirsupport line. Their response to my problem was "we see the nearest Apple store is [two hours away] in Ottawa. Can you go there and drop it off?" "No, I can't. I don't have a car, and I have to write a final on it in sixteen hours." "I'm sorry, then. I don't think there's anything we can do for you". Seriously. I ended up staying up all night wiping the drive and reinstalling the OS and testing software, and thank god that fixed whatever the problem was, but it all could have been avoided with a little "Error 472" message. Four months later, again during finals, it started shutting down randomly, with no explanation. I luckily avoided an incident during an actual final, but I have yet to solve the problem (even after bringing it to an Apple Store and having their "geniuses" run a diagnostic check on it. I demonstrated the problem to them, but they were unable to find a cause and said they couldn't help me). So. That's why I'll never buy an Apple product again. Well, that and the "one size fits all" design philosophy they have for their non computer products.

  • Not the argument you expect

    The whole "Windows vs Mac" or "PC vs Mac" is just stupid. Macs are PCs. Macs can run windows. Macs can be modified. Mac computers and nothing different than Asus or Intel computers. The real argument here is "Windows vs OSX". In my honest opinion, windows is better. Windows has a bigger market share and is much more supported than OSX. As a person who works a lot in programming and 3D rendering, windows is more useful to me. I will not use OSX just because it is "pretty".

  • Macs don't work

    I have used a Mac, and I have to say they break easily and don't do what you want them to do properly. But I use PC, and it has much better software and is alot harder to break, and when you do it is easy and cheap. BOOM!!! MIND GRENADE!!!

  • PC is better because Macs are worse.

    I have used both and I can confidently say that Macs are terrible.
    They are more complicated, slower, and less effective as a computer.
    I would NEVER switch to a Mac because I like to have a computer that can compute.
    I like the fact that my computer is fast, easy to use, good-looking, and cheap.
    If I got a Mac, I would not have any of those features.
    And people say that PC has too many cords and things. I say to these people, "It's your fault for being primitive and not updating to a laptop like the intelligent people did. The one cord you have to deal with then is the small charger cable."

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Quan says2013-07-10T18:19:36.933
Depends on the criteria and which operating system the other PC is running. I will say that, in my experience, the people who prefer Mac OS X are generally less computer literate, as evidenced by their use of the Mac vs PC misnomer. I also found the "savings 100's of $$$ a year" answer above humorous, seeing as you can opt for a free antivirus or even no antivirus at all, and that you pay "100's of $$$" more upfront for a Mac to begin with.