• Lol nice try

    Hah I’m going to ruin this other guys opion and just type this paragraph because I’m a complete utter moron who has no life and is taking pleasure in being an idiot over the internet to mess up these debates have a nice debate my sons and daughters and dons!

  • Bleach is faster, darker and simplistic

    Bleach and naruto are two great manga. But in my opinion while bleach seems a more straightforward and simplistic tale , naruto quite occasionally and abruptly tend to deviate into a more emotional standpoint. If we look back at what has happened so far in naruto (manga) it is more or less the repetition of the same thing. Yes the story starts with a villain who threatens the village(konoha) or naruto's life in someway. Naruto despises him fights him loses initially (except with pain but loses midway anyway!) then fights him and beats him as expected. If the story ends there then its fine , great ! But no naruto the wonder kid somehow manages to make the bad guy good and he becomes a good character there after (that sucks!).
    Bleach on the other hand remains quite simplistic. Bad guys are bad good guys are good they fight some die, end of story. Yes some do become good but hey the don't have a change of heart or anything!
    Secondly if we compare bleach and naruto, both seem to be reasonably slow when it comes to story telling. Anyway if we compare between them the yes bleach appears to be slightly faster. Thing do stretch, yet all emotional content are restricted and presented more logically. Fights are not stretched way beyond the limit and story matures quicker in comparison so yes, bleach seems faster than naruto.
    Now lastly when it comes to illustrations and appearance of characters as well as portrayal of fights bleach has a more darker way of showing things.This works for me as the fights appear to be more violent and intriguing .
    So i would say that bleach seems to me a more interesting and intriguing tale for which is faster and grittier than naruto.

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