What is better the Native American genocide or Slavery?

Asked by: Rightwing15
  • Neither, and what happened to Native Americans was not genocide, but oppression

    I think both were extremely messed up in my opinion if you ask me. One took blacks and enslaved them. The other involved looting from Native Americans, and in the case of those who wanted settlement, stealing land from Native Americans. And those who didn't participate in slavery took it upon themselves to impose laws against blacks.

  • It kept the subhumans in line.

    Nowadays, the former subhumans think that they deserve reparations for what their betters did to them. If that does not send you into peals of laughter, there is something very wrong with you.

    Honestly, they were not considered "people" back then. Now they are, so they're okay. But they shouldn't expect special treatment.

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yetifivepecks says2014-05-09T01:35:07.713
Neither. Both were horrendous atrocities.
Rightwing15 says2014-05-09T01:37:35.460
Sorry about the mistake on the name. It was supposed to say Worse
Seido says2014-05-09T02:30:16.037
What is... Better? Do you mean which one was worse? If you do, I'm not really sure comparing them is the smartest of things to do. They were both horrid atrocities. For once can we please just reflect on such issues as being bad instead of trying to compete to see who had it worse?
Rightwing15 says2014-05-09T02:45:17.170
What i meant was what was a more costly atrocity, slavery or the genocidal acts towards the native american population. If you want i can remove the post\