• Can we Fix it? Yes or no? Civil Liberties Gone, Corporate-Owned-Government is corrupt. Trump, HIllary, Police State USA. Gun bans. 1% oligarchy.

    Since 9/11 most notably, Americans' civil liberties are being destroyed every day since. Some states are now by definition a police state. For example, California. Whether you will admit it or not this is a fact, and government is slowly pushing to get control over the internet, and take away or at least restrict guns as much as possible. They have for many years done this, and police for many years have had more rights than the average citizen, as has most rich people & politicians, but our America is supposed to be about equality. None but the rich and government have such freedoms. Freedom of opportunity, Pursuit of happiness. You may have people like Jesse Ventura, former gov. of minnesota, and Bernie Sanders, who are pushing at least some messages to fix the country and restore these things, pay the working people what they deserve, make this a land of opportunity again. But what is it going to take? I say it's going to take massive reform on a number of issues, which i will name further ahead. But keep in mind, no force in the USA is as strong as the military and so they could wipe everyone out, maybe. But then again, look at the middle east, they have been fighting back for years when they are severely outgunned. And the American people have the numbers. The cleanest thing that might happen in the future is the military to staging a civil coup. But what about better alternatives? Protest? Petitions? Bills? Bernie Sanders? Jesse Ventura? Make your points. I speak for 68 members to which we have unanimously agreed upon as listed below. My stance personally would be economic democracy or something like democratic socialism, or libertarian socialism, with a side of pro gun & anti feminism. (because women have had their rights for 30 years, maybe minus the wage gap).

    Pro Choice
    Pro Gun
    anti federal reserve (audit the fed)
    anti immigration (not our country, not our problem. We are not the world police.)
    pro human rights
    pro education reform
    pro healthcare reform
    pro individual
    anti collectivism (any type of collective effort to brainwash with use of societal peer pressure)
    anti drug war, pro drug decriminalization
    pro government reform
    pro corporate taxes (regardless of where their founding establishment is)
    pro rich tax
    anti middle class taxes
    anti poor taxes
    pro public housing
    pro price control
    pro gun
    anti police
    pro sex safety
    pro sex decriminalization
    pro justice system reform
    pro clean energy
    pro $15 minimum wage
    youth sex decriminalization (if asked, will explain this further as it may sound confusing)
    Special Complex Proposals:
    pro drug use for profit. We could create facilities for the purpose of allowing citizens to purchase and use drugs in this facility. Pursuit of Happiness respected, and the stupid can kill themselves off. Make a fortune off them. You're respect their freedom to choose. Either we do something like this now or in 30 years we'll be fighting over food.

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