• Airplanes are the most dangerous vehicles.

    What people don't think about are statistics. The #1 mistake is blindly comparing cars to planes and saying that cars are more dangerous because there are more accidents with them.

    Wrong... There are more than a billion cars in the world today and only around 30.000 planes (statistics vary from 25.000 to 40.000).

    Now, how on earth can you compare cars to planes with statistics like that? Of course there are more car accidents because there is a bloody huge amount of them compared to planes. That's called logic.

    In this case you can't count on statistics. Just use your logic and common sense.

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  • Traveling by car.

    Traveling by car is far more dangerous, because there are more people who are doing it, there is more traffic, and the people who are commuting are much less skilled than pilots. 30,000 Americans die each year in automobile accidents, while there have gone entire years where no one dies in a plane crash.

  • No, I think traveling by car is more dangerous.

    It has been well documented and researched that traveling by car is far more dangerous then traveling by airplane, the number of aircraft related deaths per year is dramatically smaller then the number of death by automobile accidents every year, overall airplane travel is incredibly safe and designed at every aspect for safety while cars are much more dangerous.

  • More Car Accidents in a year then Plane Accidents

    Car accidents occur daily and with those accidents there can be associated deaths. I understand people who say that they chances of walking away from a plane crash is much lower then walking away from a car crash, but the truth is the chance of getting in an accident are higher. This higher chance of crashing in a car leads to there being a higher chance of you dying. Danger may not feel like there is any but it is and it is more dangerous traveling by car.

  • Car travel is by far the most dangerous form of transportation

    This is not a debate question; it can be settled merely by looking at accident and fatality rates, and a cursory examination reveals that car travel is far, far more dangerous than air travel. Airline crashes are merely headline grabbing, whereas we have come to accept deaths from car accidents as a sad but consistent fact of life. Also, this is yet another "debate" question that is improperly phrased and constructed.

  • Car travel is much more dangerous

    The likelihood of getting into a car accident is much higher than getting into an accident on a plane. Plane travel is actually the safest form of travel by far. The odds of dying in a plane crash are dwarfed by the odds of dying in a car crash. The idea that planes are less safe than cars is a misconception.

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