What is more fun to play: Airsoft (yes) or Paintball (no)?

Asked by: jtreyzman43
  • Air soft is better because...

    1: It is meant as a game for call of duty enthusiasts that want to experience a war type theme.

    2: It is always surprising, mainly because anybody can be anywhere, at anytime and shoot you. To be exact people are always spread apart, even though in paintball you count up points on how many times you hit someone, and you are in a group.

    3: This is just my opinion, if you do not agree do not hate. Thank you!

  • Airsoft is a Complete package

    I am going to make this as short as I can.
    1.Started off paintball.... Bush fields
    2.Moved onto speed ball
    3.Started a Team and competed in local year long tournament.
    3.1 same thing with every game, same amount of apponents, you move as a team from one side of field to the other side.
    3.2 you go thru alot of paintballs and end of each game u need to refill with gas or air..

    Paintball is extremely fun and i enjoyed it like a rockstar enjoys an after party.

    4. I discovered Airsoft
    4.1 every game has different amount of opponents and you never know where they will be lurking.
    4.2 Milsim!!! If you are a man, how can u not be excited about this!!?? Rifles, loadouts, real style weaponry.... PUT DOWN THE REMOTE AND PACK AWAY CALL OF DUTY!!!
    U CAN Play out your call of duty sessions in real life,

    4.3. Bbs are way cheaper and last way longer.
    4.4 for me, paintball always lacked something...... REALISM!!!

    Paintball, is about marking your opponents and racking up points( its purely a sport)

    AIRSOFT is Experiencing War scenario and military vibe and training ! Been in battle and living..... Just to attend another war/battle scenario another day....

    Airsoft is for next level Gamers and black op enthusiasts
    Paintball is for sportsman and competitive ppl...

    This is purely my opinion and views..... Peace out

  • Airsoft sin duda

    Es mas divertido debido al argumento de las misiones la estrategia a usar y el disfrazarse de unidad militar tiene mas atractivo que un mono y una careta en un pequeño llano Donde el unico objetivo es darse bolazos hasta quedar el ultimo o atrapar una bandera que se ve desde que empiezas. No hay color en mi opinión

  • Of course airsoft is

    Are you stupid airsoft is so much more fun as well as realistic. Paintball is no more fun i would play it if i had the choice between them. Airsoft is also just as painfull if not more and there i have played both sports so i know what i am talking about

  • Airsofting is more reaitic

    With paintball usually there are people that run around on a field with balloons everywhere. Airsoft on the other hand is inside or out (same with paintball) also airsoft is more realist than paintball. Yes paint ball has the word PAIN in it but not all the time it is hurts more than airsoft. On my opinion i believe Airsot is more fun of a sport

  • Airsoft is simply more fun

    Now i have played paintball a few times and will admit that it is fun, but i like airsoft better simply because of my personal game preference. My preference being that military sims. And realistic military games. Paintball is not a realistic as airsoft when it comes to the gear and looks. But when it comes to when weapons it comes down to the quality of the weapons you are comparing. Comparing a cheap AEG that firs 200fps to a $500 paintball gun that fires 400fps is not fair, same goes for the opposite.

  • Paintball is more fun and entry level guns are more affordable

    In airsoft you just get hit and you are supposed to call your hits but paintballs actually make fun and colorful splashes. An average entry level airsoft gun that is quality can run an average of 140 dollars. An entry level paintball gun of quality can run a s low as 80-90 dollars

  • Paintball is awesome

    Paintball rules because if you get shot you are in pain much more than airsoft . You also can hear shots learning to doge. Another reason is that paint ball magazines have more rounds than airsoft. Plus there is a large area to chose your weapon in my idea paintball wins.

  • Paintball is more fun to play.

    Paintball has its own unique advantage against air soft that makes its way more fun to play. With paintball it hurts to get hit, so you learn to be more nimble and how to dodge things better, which makes for a way more challenging game,and when a game is challenging it is more fun to play because of the competitive side in human nature.

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