• Yes, it is important

    I think all walks of life should have funding in the art department. They add to the culture of the world. If we can't sit back and fund other things more, we will just be drones. Is science more important? Yes, it is and it will always get funding, so that wont be an issue ever.

  • Both are equal in importance

    I have to answer that both the funding of art and science are of the same importance. I believe that they feed into each other. Art feeds science because science is art. In the end, education should be at the top of every list and one subject should not be in front of the other.

  • Talking in subjective terms like 'more important' kind of misses the point...

    Both are important, but how important depends on your priorities.

    Realistically, we need to ask ourselves which actually needs funding. If you are talking about return on investment, science all the way, as you can't quantify the returns on art in most cases.

    As well, science is a path to understanding, and leads to many spin offs that benefit society. It requires massive collaboration and investment at the level we are at, often requiring expensive equipment and facilities to progress. Art on the other hand is a massively individual exploit bent on the talent and creativity of those individuals.

    At the same time, both, to find greatness, need a bit of trial and error, and benefit society in different ways.

    I guess the benefit with art is close to the heart, but is ambiguous and hard to measure.

  • Science is the future

    Science is what makes the world go round. It saves lives, revolutionizes our way of thinking, protects human rights, offers new mediums of communication, and explains the world around us. All art does is entertain. It is important, I will not deny that, it is simply science is more important.

  • No, I think funding science is more important.

    I think science is a vitally important to the future of the Country, the vast majority of our technological breakthroughs in the past decade have all come from discoveries in laboratories, science has improved nearly every area of our lives in the recent years and I think funding it is crucially important.

  • Funding science personally.

    Science is what will lead us through the future. Art is wonderful, and I will not argue that art was not important in history, but now science has taken over. With technology at an increasing pace of productivity, and science increasingly more prevalent, art is just a dying breed in this world.

  • Both Are Important

    I believe funding art and science is important but if you have to make a choice between the two, I would say science is most important. Art is great for society but it can be changed to fit certain budgets so it doesn't need a lot of funding if it's not available. There are a lot of scientific things that can't be studied if the equipment isn't available. So the need for funds may be more profound in science as well.

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