What is more important, technological advancement of the society (yes) or personal freedom (no)?

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  • Freedom all the way.

    Less freedom means more control. Only the weak want to be controlled and ruled. What made the United States such a prosperous nation and probably the greatest nation on the planet? The freedom of the people. We see that freedom eroding a little bit at a time with the liberal agenda in the world going full steam ahead in spite of Trump winning.

  • No, I think personal freedom is more important.

    I have always believed that personal freedom is one of the most important things to any human, technology will advance no matter what even at a slower place but I believe we should not sacrifice our personal freedom for any reason at all even if that means it slows down developments.

  • personal freedom leads to inventions

    Personal freedom will always be more important. People do better when they are free to do their own thing. They have no restrictions and can push boundaries. That is how many technological advances get made because people were allowed to use their mind in a clear way. They were not held back by someone dictating to them.

  • Freedom overtakes all

    Technology is already advancing at such a rate that it is starting to limit or confuse our identities as human beings. The most important thing for a human being is not some hope for some kind of technological and societal singularity - which should be frightening for us as autonomous beings with will - but the freedom to choose and simply be.

  • Personal Freedom Trumps Tecnological Advancement

    I believe that that technological advancement, however important, should not come at a cost of sacrificing personal freedom of the general public. What have we become when we gain the world by selling our souls? I would hate to see. I believe there is a way to balance both and achieve advancement as well as our freedom in tact.

  • No, personal freedom is more importans.

    While the technological advancement of a society is very important, I think the concept of personal freedom is even more important. What is the use of a society with all the technological advancements that are possible in science if the citizens of said society do not possess the ability to experience freedoms?

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gomergcc says2014-12-05T07:35:52.737
Again another one of these that are not really connected. :(

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