What is righteous condemnation? Who all can we rightfully hate? Yes if we can rightfully hate no if we cant hate anyone rightfully.

Asked by: steffon66
  • There're unforgivable acts.

    Rape can never be justified. Should we be threatened with annihilation unless we rape one individual, then we deserve to die as a species for letting it go that far. Therefore, righteous anger can exist, but we mustn't allow ourselves to be influenced by it until after a logical and reasonable conviction has occurred. Then we let loose our displeasure, for if evil must exist within all, then let it be guided towards those most deserving.

  • There are some things that just can't be forgiven

    People betray, kill, protest, steal, kidnap, threaten, and just in general can be rude, ignorant, or inconsiderate of others. This, I believe, justifies a right for other humans to hate them for the awful deeds they have done. Feel free to convince me otherwise or agree with me on hate rights.

  • I agree with some points but i stand at no.

    In the bible we forgiven of our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us. I know there are rediculous and sick things people do but we are to love everyone. Hate is a strong word and some people have no exuse, but in some cases we don't know thier situation. We mustn't judge people but that is extreamly hard sometimes.

  • Consider the Effects

    I like to cite Islamophobia as an example and how people mock, persecute, and condemn Muslims to this day. I'm not trying to make Muslims seem like the only victims of discrimination. However, many people suffer from this. Sometimes, you can THINK that you should rightfully hate X. It doesn't justify it.

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evangambit says2014-09-22T04:21:22.420
Condemnation is different than hatred. I can condemn Cortez, but the emotional reaction I have when he is mentioned is certainly below my criteria for "hatred". I condemn (disapprove) of many people's actions, whom I don't necessarily hate.
steffon66 says2014-09-23T04:55:27.683
Yes i thought about that right after i posted it. I was high when i came up with this quesiton.