• An economic model, But also an ideology

    Except that sadly, Due to intense propaganda, Most people even refuse to consider it. So I'm going to try and explain it as good as I can.

    Socialism is a system created to oppose capitalism. That's why a lot of work by Marx is more about critisizing capitalism than it's counterpart socialism itself. While capitalism has profit at it's very core and supplying (some) people with food and shelter is only a side effect, Socialism focuses on giving people what they need to survive. That's the main goal of socialism, Basically.

    Now, Within socialism, There are different categories - just like capitalism can be executed in many different ways. There is communism - where there is no state and people literally just. . . Live in communities and share everything with one another. It's also referred to as stateless socialism - or, Because many often forget the difference between socialism and communism and to empathize that difference - stateless communism. True communism also doesn't have any money.
    Then there's Marxism - which is communism but with a state that isn't too controlling and cares for the people more than for power. Sadly, Attempts at this usually ended in the government becoming corrupt, Which brings us to. . .
    Stalinism. The good old dictator kind of socialism that people absolutely hate - and rightfully so, Since it has caused so many deaths. But most people who call themselves socialist nowadays aren't actually for what Stalin has done, Within the socialist communiyt people actually call those people who want an authoritarian government with socialism are called "tankies" (as an insult).

    What most people have in mind is Stalin, When thinking about communism and socialism. But in fact, That as just one of many attempts and one of the worst ones. With every try it gets better - I mean look at Cuba. Yes, It still censors way too much and the conditions aren't as good as in NA for example (although capitalism in those regions hasn't worked out much better either, Has it? Look at Mexico), But people are becoming doctors out of passion and not for money. Look at how many medical profesionals they're sending out to help people! That's a big impovement from the Soviet Union. Although, The Soviet Union was socialist while Cuba is currently socialist but is planning to achieve communism.

    But even without this moral superiority of socialism, It will probably eventually prevail because no amount of propaganda and restrictions to the free market will solve the inherent contradictions within capitalism. Marx couldn't care less about morals, He just saw how capitalism - due to it's very core - will eventually fall apart. Capitalists will keep exploiting their workers until people start a revolution and redistribute the wealth, And this will happen even if we add restrictions. We'd still be exploiting the 3. World and people from there would flee here unless we fix what we made.

    It's not that communism is that much better, It's that there's no other choice.

  • 'what is socialism"

    The question is not "does socialism work"

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  • Socialism is a result in the breakdown of the losing government.

    Socialism is a result of the deliberate attempt to break down the upper class of the taxpayers. The Socialist Government begin by redistributing the wealth to keep the taxpayers hands out of their own pockets - and end up attempting to reshuffle the money back to the responsible people who are economically proficient, In order to build and preserve their financial bass.

    Most of the time the Socialist Military and government attempt to create their own base and supporting financial groups and this takes violence, Theft, And force to maintain the control of the flow of money continues to be flowing from society who only give support to the existing government. The Catholic Organization - a socialist system that embeds itself into governments around the world but it is not the same as giving Your own money to help anyone - and then returning back to Your job and suffering a loss by the donations and giving's that You have given freely. The Vatican gets their money back and keeps growing as they continue to grow in wealth and riches and have been running the same system for hundreds of years.


    The Article 13 of the Reichskonkordat between Nazi Germany ( Hitler ) and the Vatican, Hitler guaranteed in His contract with the Vatican - that the right of the Catholic Church to levy taxes would be guaranteed in Germany - And Hitler also guaranteed that the Catholic Church would not be held responsible for debts to German businesses. ( Concerning Vatican Properties and accounts. )

    They wanted to be treated like German Government Officials on the payroll of the taxpayers. No debts, No Fees, And no reimbursements for failed and collapsed businesses would be allowed to seize Catholic / Vatican Socialist Government Properties to be reimbursed.

    An eternal Socialist state and condition Catholic debt - that can only be collected and - only - be Re - Paid by the taxpayers - to continually flow to repay / reimbursements to the hands of other taxpayers - of whom who the Vatican may owe to. This is THE ONLY Socialism that the VATICAN WILL EVER SUPPORT

    All other forms of Socialism and Communism are to be De-Throned, Vilified, Manipulated, Cheated and Forced to repay the Catholic Church for any Aid, Any Help any Services any Supplies and any Charities that the Catholic Church dispenses to the masses. Their only goal is to embed themselves into every government on earth and EXIST as a SOCIALIST - Government Funded Agency that is legally guaranteed that the Catholic Church would not be held responsible for debts to any Non - Catholic businesses. ( Concerning Vatican Properties and accounts. ) and that - the right of the Catholic Church to receive tax credits for their social services and properties in SOCIALIST SOCIAL SERVICE - SISPENSATIONS // DISPENSATIONS.

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