What is the basis for your belief in God? (Yes) Evidence-based or (No) Faith-based.

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  • Faith is Needed

    People, you and I, are the kind of generation that is all about looks. All about physical evidence, something we can see and feel. There is evidence of God everywhere, from the Bible's correct predictions of kings and rulers, and how they all the kingdoms fell, to the records that tell us Jesus was in fact a real healer and teacher and rose back to life. Then there is the bible. Given to us by God as a record of the world and as a guide to what we should do and how we should live. And giving us promises of a beautiful life after death. This is where faith comes into play. Now to explain faith i use a reference to the bank. So you put money in the bank lets say $100 000. Now its in the bank after hours and your at home. You can't see your money , you can't touch it from where you are however you have faith and you believe that your money is in there. That is what faith is and that is why my belief in god is both evidence based and faith based.

  • Faith begins where reason ends.

    God blessed man with mind and gave him freedom to think, to discover, and to choose. He allows us to realize our world, build our life, and decide on paths to take, all on our own.

    Given this freedom, we are bound to search for answers. The intellect God gave made man able to learn the truths in sciences. Einstein along with other scientists was able to discover the beginnings of our world and the origin of life through extensive studying of the most complicated particles and meticulous processes of God’s creation. The studies they have made give reason to our existence. But even the most intellectual reasoning reach an end. Links of how organisms came to life and the existence of gases and forces that lead to the Big Bang remain a mystery. At this point, even the smartest man who lived recognized that there were hands that started it all, and these were God’s.

    In building our lives, problems are inevitable. Some of the choices we make in life lead us to problems that can sometimes be solved by science or pure human understanding, the way an ill man can be cured by doctors and machines. But some illnesses are too damaging for humans to find solutions for, the way a man who chose to smoke develops an incurable cancer. In the end when all else fail, we become hopeless. And in hopelessness, we rest everything to God.

    For these reasons, we can say that faith begins where reason ends. When human mental power reaches its threshold, we turn to God and leave our questions and problems up to Him. But can we truly say that faith only begins where reason ends?

    It shouldn’t. While it is true that God is the God of hope and we become closer to Him when problems beset us, His problems shouldn’t only be felt when we are devastated already. As Christians, we should allow God to be present in us as early as we make our choices.

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