• A Direct Democracy

    Clearly the representative democracy isn't true democracy nor is it voicing the public's interests. Although slower in making laws, direct democracy would give citizens the voices they deserve. Furthermore, it would completely remove corrupt career politicians from having any more power than any other citizens. This is important. The politicians have failed us and will continue to do so in order to gain acceptance by lobbying groups for campaigning.

  • A Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

    The Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy has many advantages compared to a regular constitutional republic. For one, the monarch is an admired (or sometimes vilified) figure that holds the nation together, even without actual power. He is the national figure. The democratic process is also involved with Parliament and the Constitution. So it is basically a representative democracy with a national figure for more national unity.

  • A Representative Democracy

    Allows the people to choose those they want to represent them in government. The citizens should select those representatives that will best lead our government with your interests in mind. Voting for a representative that reflects your values, beliefs, and goals for your country should be paramount in developing a successful nation.

  • A Communist Society Headed by a Dictator

    Communism is a utopian philosophy, so in theory it is really quite good. The ultimate goal of communism is to have a society where all resources are shared equally based on need, property is all owned collectively, there is no state, and work is done based on personal desire rather than economic need. I mean hell look at the USSR during WW2. Under the lead of glorious leadership of Stalin they prospered and even whooped nazi germany's ass! Look at the modern times. No army is more powerful or well trained as Russia's. Have you seen the Spetznaz?? 1 Spetznaz could easily take down 10 Green Berets.

  • Monarchy or tyranncyy

    Because u cn go nd do stuf with ur kingly awesome power sauce and then u cn eet all of ta benihanan wif ur kkingness. Y not shoot sum zmbos wit ur pea plants and da tall nut. Go Ghengis Khan! Woop woo woop woo woop woo woop woo woop

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Iacov says2017-01-30T15:49:26.683
This should be in the polls