• Have some benefits

    Online learning had many benefits including more flexibility to complete classwork and you could complete your work much more quickly because you can cut your bathroom breaks and lunch hour in half. Not to say that there are way less distractions and you don't have a locker or school bus to worry about so online learning had good things.

  • A lack of communication skills in students occurs.

    Developing the communicational skills of the students is an area often neglected during online lessons. Due to the lack of face-to-face communication between peers, Students and teachers in an online setting, The students might find that they are unable to work effectively in a team setting. Neglecting the communicational skills of the students will inevitably lead to many graduates who excel in theoretical knowledge, But who fail to pass their knowledge on to others.

  • Socialization is taken away

    Online classes cause social isolation. From not being able to 'actually' see each other and work together for assignments and even losing the knowledge to actually communicate with people, Students can struggle in their future life.
    And another thing is that, By not being able to see friends more often, Students(specifically teenagers) can get into this stage of feeling lonely and isolated which can make them very introverted people, Which can damage the society quite badly.

  • Those Without Computers Get Left Out

    Online classes are great for people who have access to the internet and a laptop. But for the double-digit percent of families that don't have enough internet devices for each of their kids, The impact of the pandemic is to slow those students' learning.

    This doesn't even include the possible disruptions this could have on a student's education for those who have an easier time learning in person than over the internet.

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