• Why don't we change the question to, "Is there a reason for our existence?"

    This isn't really a yes or no question, but since there is no yes yet, Ill start us off on the Yes side. I vote yes, we do have a purpose, and that purpose is to ask questions about our purpose. Until we find out, there's no use denying the purpose I just put forth, because if you think about it, its kinda true.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • The proof of there being a reason is within us.

    We can say "No, there is no reason." And that'd be the end of it, but why play the boring game?

    Everything you feel, sense, see and hear is proof that there is a reason for you to live, I believe it's just up to you to get so in touch with your feelings so you start getting led to where you need to be, to perhaps finding answers.

    And the funny thing is, each and everyone one of us has different interests to them, some of us are into music, others into computers, etc.

    We're probably all parts of a whole. The reason why outgoing and introverted personalities exist is because one serves the other while the others serves the one. I think we've just failed to reach answers because we insist on fighting with one another. In fact, what's stopping us from reaching answers is the fact that we haven't all as a human species come together as one and the sad part is that our fights are probably beneficial to someone and i'm not talking about it being beneficial to someone on earth like politicians or whatever but rather it being beneficial to the force that's pushing us away from the answers we probably should inevitably get to and it's just a matter of time.

    If you follow what you deeply feel it usually always takes you somewhere better than where you currently are, yes sometimes it doesn't but speaking in terms of a general consensus, it kind of does.

    The answers we need are within us and it's interesting to think that the feelings that stop you from going on with certain behaviors, feelings like fear and worry and anxiety are the feelings that are stopping you from being who you should be and from doing what needs to be done. Many of you are going to say "Yes but without fear we would've been extinct." , sure, but what makes you think that the bigger we are of a population the better? Why don't you think in terms of, the more of us who end up dead, the closer we get to the truth. I mean if you think about it, is there more of us dead or alive? I know i'm just scattering pieces of information that aren't always linked but i'm simply just showing you how my thought process is functioning.

  • A spiritual evolutional journey.

    I believe our spirit is on in evolutional journey. That. Are conscious or spirit has always been? And that we are. Here to evolve. And for next step in our evolution. It is important that we learn the lessons in this life. So that we May. Be ready for what's to come. I feel in this stage we have been removed from our creator in some sort of test. Or a proving ground. I feel that were here, are spirit is here to learn morality. I believe it's important that we learn morality. Because In our next stage of evolution. The consequences could be devastating without it.

  • We exist to worship the creator of heaven and earth

    If there is no God , there is no reason for our existence,if there is a God then there is reason for our existence. Genesis 1:1 says, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
    Genesis1:27 So God created man in His own image;in the image of God He created him;male and female He created them.
    We have the ability to reason and to think, we have emotions and feelings, the ability to love and to hate, love that which is good , hate that which is evil.
    We are all given morals, it's when we reject morality that life becomes
    Vanity. This life is an introduction to eternity spent either in the presence of our creator because we accepted the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross on our behalf or we can reject the fact that we are fallin and sinful humanity desperately in need of a saviour and spend eternity separated from God in anguish and turmoil, our penalty would have been paid but when man rejects the cross he is left to pay for his own sins for all eternity and never pay it in full cause it could only be paid by a Holy God who was willing to leave the glories of heaven, walk among us as one of us, yet without sin, being faithful all the way to the death on the cross that whosoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life.
    You find that and you'll have purpose in life. BLESSED BE HIS HOLY NAME. THE GOD THAT CREATED THE UNIVERSE ALSO CREATED YOU

  • Existence is Absurd, but meaning (ie, purpose) is from within

    I subscribe to the absurdist/existentialist view of existence, predominantly articulated in the literary existentialism of figures like Kafka, Beckett, Camus, and even Dostoevsky to a degree.

    To sum it all up: there is no externally provided reason to exist. There is no meaning provided for us. Our existence is meaningless at the time we arrive in the world.

    However, that does not mean our existence is necessarily meaningless, which is why I opted for the yes column rather than the no column. Humans are by-and-large meaning makers, and we define the purpose of it all ourselves.

    Take Camus's essay on Sisyphus as an example. (If you don't know, Sisyphus is a figure of Greek mythology who was condemned to push a boulder up a hill, after which it would roll back down and he'd have to do it all over again, for eternity.) Despite Sisyphus's plight, Camus describes him as happy precisely because he (Sisyphus, not Camus) acknowledges that there is no reason for him to endlessly push this boulder up a hill. He knows there is no point, and he decides to be happy. And that is the ultimate reason for our existence - to learn that despite the absence of meaning, we can still be happy to have existed.

  • Yes, there is a reason for our existence.

    The reason for our existence is going to be different for each person. For me, the reason is so that we can make the world a better place for the young children that are now born into this world. We exist to make a positive impact in their lives so that they can enjoy a great future.

  • Yes, there is.

    The most simple reason is that "mommy loves daddy very much, and..."

    The more complex "reason", beyond the simplistic one above, needs an intelligent entity, that will establish that relationship between our existence and its "reason". That could be the entity most religious people worship. It can be a very advanced civilization that did some experiments with monkeys few millions of years ago. Or anything your fantasy could conjure.

    So, if you do not like the simplistic answer, you are left to your own imagination. Any fantastic "reason" it totally indefensible, so above 2 are just given as an example. I do not subscribe to any of them.

  • There is reason for our (human) existence

    Evolutionary the purpose of our human existence is to survive and multiply. The purpose of my life, specifically, or most individuals life I believe should be that of fulfillment. For some this may mean to pursue passion, other's this may mean gaining prestige or power, and to others it would be to have meaningful interpersonal relationships

  • There is a reason for our existence

    I completely believe that there is a reason for our existence. Everyone on this planet has a purpose to be accomplished. Everyone of us are here for a reason ,for a purpose ,for a new future . Without any reason for existence no one would have ever survived. Our personal life ,our goals, our wishes,,, everything is for our existence. The day we lose the reason for our existence we would lose our life because there is no life without a reason. My reason for existence is my family ,their happiness and I'm the reason for their existence ...The circle goes on ..At the end we are here for each other ..

  • What is not the reason for our existence.

    When is the reason for our existence. It's only a matter of time until we understand this. When? That is the question. And the answer.

    Apparently I need double the words. Why? Well, that's the reason of this answer, supposedly. If what was the reason, then where would be able to describe it's position, and I don't have a position on that...

    How can this be answered yes, no, again?

  • There is no reason for existence.

    If there was a reason for human life, then we would be shown a sign; that may be anything that could be described as mystical or otherworldly. Existence is for the purpose of evolution but we, as humans that have been described as having the most complex neurological system alongside the brain, need faith to survive. No, there is no reason for existence but if there was one; it would be to evolve and live longer. It all boils down to Darwinism.

  • One word, Why

    I asked the question, Easily figured out the answer for myself. Think what reason is there to exist, and the answer is simply, there is no
    reason, we just happen to be here. I dont like to think about it, especially when I have Christian faith, but there isnt a reason for god to exist either, now this isnt a bad thing, and this does not mean you dont matter to someone else, but the fact is we just exist and there isnt a reason for it.

  • The Qestion is not, why YOU live, but why the earth, the universe exists!

    Why do you live? For your Family, for the improving of the world? But think, there is no reason, why the earth and so on should exist! Why should anything, something want us to live? Because to watch us the whole day? Why should the universe be there? I know no reason. Maybe we find out some day, maybe after our death, but we don't know. Of course that's not a clear "No" to this question, but a " Yes" not either. Greetings from Germany.

  • We Exist Just To Exist

    I exist to give life that will exist after me, and when he ceases to exist, his son will be the next to exist for him and so on it goes, the absurdity of life, a monotonous cycle that really has no purpose.
    You might think I'm jaded. You might think I'm just cynical.
    Well, if you think all those, I'm definitely going to think you're stupid.
    Come on. Our Mayan ancestors or whatever race out there in our too forgotten past also thought that they too, had a purpose. Mayans lived to please their god, the Sun. They even beheaded their fellows to please it.
    And now, what do we think of them?
    Stupid, that's what.
    We now know that the sun is just a ball of gas that helps teenage girls tan in the summer to impress their boyfriends, but the Mayans had it in their heads that it was their life's purpose or reason to please it.
    And because of that, they were thought of as dumb.
    I'd like to spare myself that humiliation in the future, thank you.
    So yes, I do believe there is no reason for our existence AT ALL. Well, okay, maybe we do have one.
    We exist to destroy the universe.
    Honestly, that's the only thing I could think of the human race had done that could actually last for a few thousand more millenium.
    Well, that, and Justin Bieber's germs.

  • We don't really have one.

    Humans, as all life, have no "reason" for existence. I suppose you could say, biologically and evolutionarily, that our "purpose" in life is to grow up, make children, and die. But really, life is here due to mere happenstance, thus giving it no intended goal or reason. You don't HAVE to spread your genes. No life does. But all life feels the need to, because obviously only organisms with the urge to spread life would continue to exist.

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Yin says2013-06-10T19:29:43.067
My answer is neither yes nor no. Does there need to be a reason other than which we give it? If there is a reason for our existence then I believe it is beyond our capability to understand. In short, I favor the 'absurdist' viewpoint on this matter.
AjinkyaJagtap23 says2013-06-10T19:34:37.973
I believe the very reason for our existence is ourselves.It is possibility for renewal and to revolutionize .
Quan says2013-06-10T22:45:50.390
Must existence have a purpose? For what purpose must it have a purpose?
Ragnar says2013-06-10T23:29:26.163
This question belongs on the forums, not in the opinion section. I mean the reason to our existence cannot be Yes or No.