What is the way ahead for India - Do we build more English Medium Schools (YES) or do we build more Vernacular Medium Schools(NO)? Why?

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  • Education in mother tongue is best for the children!!

    I feel it there are number of reasons why we should go for vernacular medium schools:
    a) First and foremost, for children, we are putting unnecessary burden on them. During teaching at schools, what i realized is, some concepts, which children may learn easily in their mother tongue, were unnecessarily proving to be a challenge for the children. I feel we are doing injustice to children by forcing them to unnecessarily put themselves in hardship instead of enjoying their childhood. For children, the language he speaks at home is the best possible language where he will learn easily.
    2) There are large number of developed countries, which teach their children in their own language and not in English. This has proved that for our country to grow, English is not the only answer, and from the perspective of development of children also, English is not the only solution.
    3) We want to develop children, but develop them not like robos, but like human beings, with emotions. Children can love history, only if taught in their mother tongue.
    4) We have large number of instances of vernacular medium people being successful in life. English is not the only way to ensure success for us. While some outsourcing assignments will be easy to achieve, I think this is very short term perspective. If we want real inner growth and strength for our nation and people of this nation, learning their culture and language is of atmost importance.
    5) When more than 75% population does not speak English, forcing English on nation is really unfair.

  • People learn more in vernacular languages

    Most children do not have an environment of English speaking in their neighbourhood. Children learn more in their early stages of development in their native language. It helps in their cognitive development as they can relate what they learn to what they see around them. Currently, English is a barrier to quite a few children instead of being an enabler. Also, skill development has no relation to what medium the students learn in. English does help in gaining knowledge, but it is a language which can be learnt in the latter stages (post grade 5) . A practical solution to the problem is the use of semi-English medium, where students are taught in their native languages in the primary grades and appropriate terms are taught in English and slowly this can lead to more use of English towards the higher grades.

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