• Our taste buds are not worth more than sentient life. We should look align our morals with our eating habits/the products that we purchase.

    When we walk into our local grocery store in modern society, We do not realize the efficacy of the products that we buy. When we buy an item, There is a system of supply and demand to which is only influenced by the consumers that buy them. We could easily buy foods like fruits, Vegetable, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes (beans), Grains, And such- and live how we do today without animal products. We are able to maintain proper nutrition, Help our environment, And save the lives of billions of animals that are slaughtered/exploited for our consumption, By simply not buying products that contain meat, Dairy, Fish, And egg products.
    If you agree that life is worth more than taste, You would have to agree that it isn't morally justifiable to eat/purchase animal products nor to pay other people to kill/exploit the animals on your behalf (by paying for it when purchasing the products).

  • Tasting is a part of life.

    It is true that we can't live without eating, But what are we supporting upon? Life? Life. You are to eat because you need to live and process the nutrients inside of them. And it is even possible to live with no taste. You have a tongue, A set of teeth, And the rest of our digestive system, And with that taste is so minor that it doesn't affect.

    The truth is taste hinder us while life helps us. Taste makes us dislike carrots and like chips. Of course this is unhealthy, But this is what taste made us do. If no taste, Then everybody will eat as healthy too.

  • This is a clear either or fallacy

    You are making it seem like eating pigs would mean you value taste over life, But this is not true. It is not a decision out of just two things, But rather, There are more factors involved. For example, God created pigs for us a major source of food. Saying that it means we value taste over life isn't a fair choice

  • Meat is Murder

    Would you eat your dog? No. Would you eat your cat? No. So why then, Would you eat a pig or a cow or a chicken or a sheep? These animals have feelings and life, A family, A home. Although it may seem that we have more power than them in this world, And they may be more vulnerable than us, It does not make killing them okay.

  • Life for sure is more important.

    Life is far more important, Though we live in a selfish uncaring world. We need food to survive, Everyone should have meat every now and then. I wish there was another way but honestly, All these vegetarian and vegan methods have just shown it isn't good for you. I'd rather just be ignorant and not think about it, There isn't much I can do and I don't buy into the "well if I don't buy it there will be less demand" excuse.

  • Life is more important

    If you are an animal, You wouldn't want anybody to kill you, Right? Just because they are other species, They are equally important. There isn't a word for animal inequality but humans just didn't create the word because they didn't want to sound like racist on animals. Also eating less meat saves more resources

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  • We need to eat.

    With the exception of water and minerals (salt), Everything you eat was or came from something living, So for us to survive, We need to kill plants and/or animals.
    Some people don't like the idea of eating meat or even things that come from animals and that's their choice but if that's the case, Why do they eat things that give them the idea they are eating meat (veggie burgers)?

  • NO No NO

    NO, Because of No. You're wrong. Don't try to argue, Because you know your wrong. Don't reply, Because I won't read it. Just know that you are wrong and you know that the true answer is no. You may have the moral high ground, However, I have the ability to know and tell you that you're wrong.

  • Taste is necessary for survival

    Human evolution has hardwired us with the ability to recognize compounds that are, And aren't desirable. Our bodies know what we need and search out that taste. Having moral opinions about what you do is nice and all, But your body and mind are always going to win. Two more words.

  • Animals do not matter.

    Only I matter. If I like something, It is good. Animals are not me, So they do not matter. I matter, Animals do not. Its a rule of importance. If animals were me and I was an animal, Then it would be life, Because in this case, That life is me. And As we clarified, Only I matter. If you disagree you are wrong.

  • Morality does not apply to animals?

    Who cares about pigs? They are disgusting. Do people actually care that much about animals? Taste is definitely more important. Animals do not have any inherent "rights". It baffles me how some people care more about animals than humans. Just eat them who really cares. The animals don't even have feelings.

  • Libertarian Political Argument. Individual > Life

    Simply an ethical principle: The Individual is sacred, Not the (biologica) life; had to point out the biology of my proposition, Because 'life's is a polysemous term and it's multiple definitions very often get conflated in discussions if not properly avoided at the beginning.

    Is the life an individual? No, Never is biology related to individuality, That is self awareness, In definitions alone. My finger, My liver, My dog, Are mine to do with what I please, Because they aren't self aware persons. The irrational will empathize with things not self aware merely by human-like appearance, Or perhaps not even this; this is animism and anthropomorphizing.

    In conclusion, If my finger is cute with a smiley face on it and is personified by the irrational, I still may chew it, Barbeque it, And perhaps consume it peice by peice if I want to, Especially if I find it tasty.

  • No personal subjective moral support for animal lives

    I consider animals to be irrelevant and do not have any moral probelms with consuming them. It is not objectively morals to be compasionate towards animals, But it is also not objectively moral to not be for there is no objective basis for morality. I simply do no belong to the compasionate group that prioratizes animal lives over my own benefit.

  • All life is valuable

    I hold the belief that all life is value. That being said, Just because I enjoy meat does not mean that I do not value the life of the animal. Humans are naturally omnivores, Which is why we have sharp canines as well as dull molars. Humans are meant to eat meat and plants. It is unfair to say that just because I have a natural need for protein from meat, That I discredit the lives of animals.

  • We need to eat

    If we stop eating meat right now, Millions of people will starve and die. It will honestly look like Stalin's Era of devastation. If you can find a way to produce enough food with the correct protein needed for a human to survive i will agree with you but until then i will not.

  • Are you a vegan?

    If you are its understandable that you have this childish ignorant view that anyone who eats meat values taste over life.

    Now I'm not saying all vegans are childish and ignorant, Some of my friends are vegans and they choose not to eat meat because of religious purposes or because they can't afford it, And same goes for you.

    Or perhaps you care about animals and believe it is inhumane to kill them and cause pain, However in most cases they are killed as quickly (and humanely) as possible, Sure their life may have been short as they were livestock but at the end of the day meat is essential for our survival, Not everyone wants to live off alternatives, You will never get the same amount of iron from a can of beans then a steak.

    Economically also many jobs rely on meat, Such as farmers, Butchers and supermarkets, This could really hit hard on the economy of any country.

    You need to expand that narrow minded view of yours by discontinuing your labelling of meat eaters.

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