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  • The meaning of life

    I believe everything has a purpose. Even our lifes have a purpose. Now think about everything you do on your daily basis and everything else you've ever done. Every single one of those things is meant to serve one out of two purposes (sometimes both). These purposes are either "to survive" or "to breed". Those are our only purpose. For example, you, work, eat, sleep, hang out w/ your friends, and other things you do. You do to survive. You work to earn money, to buy food and eat for you body's fuel. You sleep to restore energy and rest. You have friends because you need to rely on someone, to take stress and burdens of your shoulder. And other things you do you either do it to merely survive or a chance to breed. That's why you flirt, you kiss, you show affection to the person you love (your copulation partner)

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