What is your opinion on Beavers? Should we be allowed to trap them?

Asked by: molly2568
  • Yes, But depends on Management

    Time after time again, Animals are usually over hunted by humans and it causes a disruption in the ecosystem. Beavers are essential to ecosystems, By creating large bodies of water. However if an area has too many beavers this can be detrimental to the environment due to too many trees being cut down. Humans have already altered the lands by our buildings which means in some areas there will be too many beavers.

    As long as there is proper managment and conservation then yes they should be allowed to trap.

    I'm majoring in natural resource conservation.

  • We should be able to trap beavers

    I believe that we should be able to trap beavers up to a point. We should use what nature has given us. But we also need to be able to conserve animals. I'm not saying we mass trap beavers but I'm saying that as humans, We have the ability to balance hunting and conserving animals.

  • Beaver Rights boi.

    Beavers are our lords and saviors among the animal kingdom. Think about it, Their dams protect our riverside villages from flooding, And keep water from overflowing an area. Beavers are legit the best animal we have ever had the honor of knowing in the animal kingdom and people who trap them do not realize beavers are living too!

  • Beavers help the environment

    Beavers help to build damns and provide water filtration systems for water. The pools that their damns create are habitats for other species, Such as fish birds and bears. Trapping beavers would remove these damns and harm the ecosystem, Because beavers are a keystone species and are very important to biodiversity.

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