What is your opinion on Karl Rove's Conservative Victory Group: is it good (yes) or bad (no) for the GOP?

  • Get opinions out

    I think that his group is a good thing, and will get more opinions and thoughts out for people to think about. The more groups like this there is the better it is for the GOP, because they will get a lot of their ideas spread for them by others.

  • No, it is bad for the GOP.

    With how spread out the Republican party is today, anything that just makes more and more groups will continue to harm the republican party. This kind of group is what has caused so little to be done during this last session of congress, and what little will probably be done this current session.

  • The GOP needs to look forward, not back

    Karl Rove was the political mastermind behind one of the worst presidencies of all time. Even Republicans don't like associating themselves with George Bush's administration. Karl Rove's philosophies and styles of politics are divisive and even antiquated. The world has changed and the nation is different now, so the GOP needs leadership in touch with modern reality.

  • Karl Rove is terrible for the GOP

    If the GOP really wants to improve, they need to get rid of the fringe neocon and libertarian figureheads like Rove, Limbaugh, Ryan, and Paul. If the GOP is going to remain a party with sway in the USA, they need to adopt platforms more like the ones they used in the 1950s.

  • Helping To Tear It Appart

    Karl Rove's Conservative Victory Group seems to be assembled for the purpose to head of the Tea Party. Needless to say, I believe it has done more to tear the GOP apart rather than mend its problems. I believe this is just however, since Republicans are widely known to look over the majority of the population.

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