What is your overall policy regarding despotic regimes located in Latin American countries and beyond?

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  • They're not good I guess

    Latin America is all screwed up because of U.S. intervention during the Cold War years, but it's not entirely our fault how the region has developed. Re-opening diplomatic relations with Cuba is a huge step in the right direction, and should send a message to other Latin American countries that the U.S. is open to alliances. Barring a Trump presidency, of course.

  • Are there any despotic regimes left in Latin America!

    The days of the military dictator in Latin America are over, aren't they? I suppose you could argue that there's the Castrista regime in Cuba qualifies, but they appear to be on their last legs (and USA<->Cuba relations have softened considerably). As for the 'Beyond' part of the question, however, the situation in North Korea is reaching it's boiling point.

  • No, Despotic regimes are not good

    No, I do not like despotic regimes in any country. I believe that people should be able to live their lives in relative harmony, without being repressed or made to feel fear towards their government. Countries with ruthless leaders often do not prosper. I believe that leaders should listen to the people they lead and be benevolent in helping to ease issues, not create them.

  • Latin American Regimes Are Bad

    I think that Latin American regimes that abuse human rights should be overthrown. The liberals must win power in order for the world to become a better place. Heroes like Colonel Aureliano Buendia must be raised above the shields of our forefathers. Latin America must become free through revolution against despotism.

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