• There's still work to be done

    We need to close the wage gap and get puritans off of school boards. We need to get women on the front lines and in Congress, fighting fires and on the moon, and then feminism will have achieved its purpose. For now, the long battle continues, and will as long as people say "no" on this poll.

  • Feminism is for all

    So many people say feminism is just women wanting to overpower men but that's not the case. Women want the same rights as men. We still live in a world where a woman can't wear what she wants because "it's too revealing" and we still live in a world where a woman gets paid less than a man for doing the same job. It's time to step up and become a better and more equal nation.

  • I'm a straight man, and yet I'm a feminist.

    Sexism is something that affects millions of people, mostly women, all around the world. Though not as prevalent in first world countries, it is contrarily very much so prevalent in less-so developed countries, in areas in Africa and Asia. Everything from women not being allowed to be in public without a male relative, to female genital mutilation, to making it illegal for women to speak out against any of it.

    Feminism doesn't mean "Women are greater than men". It means "Women are more suppressed than men, but there should be equality". It like saying that acknowledging that racism exists means that you are speaking against whites, which is not the case at all.

  • Have you seen the rest of the world?

    In Saudi Arabia (a country we trade with) still wont allow women to drive, and have made the voting process incredibly difficult for them. The catholic church, an organization with branches all over the planet, still refuses to ordain women. Just because de jure sexism has been eliminated, doesn't mean that de facto sexism is gone too.

  • Feminism is okay

    The U.S.A was founded on the belief of equal rights. Yet, we do not allow some people rights? So if we believe in rights as human beings, how can we not allow a women to do certain things or have rights that a man has? It's unfair and against what are founders thought America was to be. "You cannot dedicate yourself to America unless you become in every respect and with every purpose of your will through American's"-Woodrow Wilson. By quoting that, I feel that those that do not agree to what America is for, is not true American. I do not what to offend anyone.

  • Equal for both.

    Well, sort of.
    Don't get me wrong, I am all for "Equal pay for equal work." but that included "Equal work for equal pay." Now, you may be thinking that is the same thing but not really. "Equal pay for equal work." tries to assure that women get paid the same pay for the same number of hours, but what it does not address is how much work is actually done in the same amount of time. Hypothetically, if the job is to load pallets in trailers. If one person consistent loads more pallets per day, it is logical that they get paid more. If the other wants equal pay, they should be required to produce the same amount of work. Many women claim that they have to work harder than a man to get equal pay but that is not necessarily because they are not being treated as an equal, as it also may be due to how many women have to work harder to perform the same amount of work. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that there are not women that can outwork some or most men, but on average I would say that men tend to perform better in physical activity due to how they tend to be stronger and have better spacial awareness.

  • Feminism = equality

    Feminism is the belief in gender equality, sure some feminists have done some stupid things but that is because it is such a broad movement and so popular among women that we should expect a little variation (and sometimes some stupid variation). There are intelligent and stupid people among all political movements (except the far-right they are almost always morons). Feminism is named after women because women have historically been the oppressed gender and in most of the world still are. Just because women in the west are no longer oppressed that doesn't mean they are equal and that is why feminism still exists.

  • I Vote Yes!

    Girls can do it. Guys can do it. I can do it. You can do it. Everyone can do it. A male can be a teacher or a nurse. A women can be a firefighter or wrestler. Your gender shouldn't limit your abilities as a person. Not always, but girls are thought to be picking roses or baking. Don't get me wrong here girls do like to do that, but that's not all we do. Men and women are both powerful genders, we shouldn't be limited by our gender. I vote yes!

  • Feminism is not needed in the West.

    Feminism is still needed, just not in the United States. Women are not oppressed in the U.S. Feminism is needed more in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, and other places where women are forced to do things. I realize this is not worded the best but I really hope someone gets the gist of what I'm trying to say.

  • I support it, but it's definitely flawed. We need to acknowledge this.

    I completely support the feminist movement. However, feminism has always lacked intersectionality. Trust me, this is coming from a white woman. The feminist agenda has always catered to Caucasian women. Most early feminists only fought for white women's right to vote, and it took years for women of color to gain the same rights. White feminists claim to fight for equal rights, but they are silent when it comes to race. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if your feminism isn't intersectional, who is it for? The white women who are already just about equal to men?

    White feminists are the ones who claim Islam is cruel to women, but refuse to take a stand for oppressed women in places like Afghanistan.

    White feminists are the ones who stand up against rape (which is completely necessary) but don't acknowledge that transgender women are much more at risk.

    White feminists are the ones who prayed for Paris, but not Aleppo. White feminists are the ones who scream for representation, but when white women are cast in movies, they met their goal.

    Feminists (trust me, I am one) need to reevaluate their agenda and shift focus. We need to stand together against racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia together. After all, all oppression is connected.

  • Nonsense in North America

    Feminism is a disease in Canada and the US, and most of the western world, where women are in fact treated equally (arguably better) to men. There is nothing holding women back from pursuing a career, and in fact women are offered positions over men because "they're underrepresented" in higher up fields.

    I'll make a few points as to why feminism in the western world is absolute utter bullsh!T and beyond unnecessary.

    1. WOMEN ARE PAID THE SAME. The infamous lie that is called the "wage gap" is based on the average earnings across all fields of work. When women usually chose lower paying jobs, and men usually chose higher paying jobs, it makes sense that men, on average, earn more. No feminist (or anyone) has been able to show that a woman is paid less than a man at the SAME JOB, for the SAME QUALITY OF WORK, with the SAME EXPERIENCE/EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND. Because that doesn't happen. We are paid based on quality of work, and in some cases, prior experience. If a man and women has the same work ethics and backgrounds, they will be paid the same.

    The very few jobs that actually do have a wage gap are jobs that generate money through entertainment - sports, modelling, movies/tv, music, etc. Women earn heaps more than men for THE SAME WORK in modelling, but it MAKES SENSE because more people want to see female models than male. Men earn heaps more than women in most professional sports because people want to watch male sports teams over women, as it's more exciting for most people. This makes sense, and is not sexist and cannot and should not be "fixed."

    2. If anything, women are treated better than men. Yes, domestic violence effects women SLIGHTLY more than men, however look at the hundreds upon hundreds of women's shelters, and the ZERO men's shelters. Society takes care of women at the drop of a hat. Look at the "man fights women" social experiments on YouTube, for example - woman beating up a guy, people laugh and watch or walk by. Guy beating up a woman, almost everybody runs up and stops it.
    It's a fact that women are at least taken care of more than men.

    Maternity leave is an option at almost every workplace, whereas paternity leave is not. Women are able to take around a year off of work, and still get paid almost their full salary. I'm failing to see the oppression in this.

    3. One in three women are not victims of sexual harassment. I can make a poll asking "has a woman ever made any unwanted sexual advances toward you" and give it to a MRA meeting, and use that as "one in one men are sexually harassed by women." That's literally as valid as the "one in three" statistic is. It's a survey. Get some actual facts before making absurd statements like this.

  • Mostly negative, and here is why:

    Yes, yes, I KNOW that there are moderate feminists which exist, but there are moderates for every movement. Radical Feminism and third wave feminism is taking the wheel and THAT is what I disagree with. If you can't get your movement under control then people won't support it, that should be obvious.
    1. In the Western world, a woman is not a victim, she is an equal. Women are actually oppressed in countries which most of these Feminists will never, ever plan to visit. They would rather sit comfortably at their computer and just complain about it rather than do anything about it like they claim Feminism will.
    2. "Sexual objectification" is a stupid word, and it is inaccurate as to how most people feel about women. Just because someone finds the female body attractive and would like to exaggerate those features, that does NOT mean he/she is sexist! Please, let sexy women be, fake or real. Please, stop trying to censor people for doing something you don't like.
    Also for those who say that it is unfair that there are people that have the opinion (which you can ignore) women shouldn't wear too little, keep in mind that if they saw a man in a miniskirt most people would not want that (obviously for different reasons but seems fairly equal to me.)
    3. Representation is not sexism. You want more women in a certain field, you go do that yourself. No one is stopping you, so just do it! Do it already! There isn't anyone preventing women from working in a certain field, NOTHING. (just do it.)
    4. The wage gap doesn't exist (and if it does it is way smaller than the 77 cents on the dollar that FEMINISTS claim it to be.) There are a million factors that go into how much someone is paid, and there are a million factors people ignore to see that "wage gap."
    5. A LOT of Feminists like to censor opposition. It has become a tradition for some as well. You just have to face it, the Feminism well is poisoned, and there is no going back from that.

    Just a few things I object to with the Feminist movement. Egalitarianism for the win!

  • If you equality why are you fighting for one gender

    If you want gender equality why are you only focusing on one gender instead of both.

    Also men, in my opinion, are more opressed. We have to pay for all the meals and act chivalrous, we are supposed to give our lives for women and never show emotion. Women can wear anything we can't, women can like anything men can't without judgement.

  • Great for motivating women, bad for promoting affirmative action.

    I like that theyre getting together to fight for a cause. Thats great. I dont like what theyve become. Their group is too concentrated in women who feel they have been wronged to ever restrict their moves and stop at equality. They have become very polarized and biased. They are overreaching the goals of their founders. As a group theyre not inclined to dissolve once theyve achieved their goals. Theyve stopped any oppression the government might cause them ... But in trying to eliminate sexism on a personal choice level in society they are beginning to step on some toes with other ideas this country was founded on.

    Theyve single handedly destroyed chivalry, theyve had a negative effect on marriage, a negative effect on the family dynamic (because they overreached on what decisions are made about child bearing in a relationship that should be completely mutual), theyve hurt womens standings in the workplace by overselling them as equals in every respect to skill, theyve hurt our military indirectly by causing them to change standards for warfighters ... The list goes on.

    Their goals were noble when they were truly treated unfairly ... But now that their initial goals have been achieved everything further that they do is damaging and is beginning to act negatively on their entire movement despite the good it has done in the past.

  • What is feminism?

    I have to be totally honest here. I really don't understand what it is. I always joke with my wife when I have to go out and chop wood for the fire and say "hey, equality right? How 'bout you go cut the wood tonight and I'll wash the dishes." She doesn't usually find this funny. We're both teachers in the same district, but I've been teaching in the school for 5 years when they were on a pay freeze and she has only been teaching in this district for one year, but brought 2 years of experience from another school and was started on a higher pay scale than me. So my wife was getting paid more than me for literally the same job! And I even have 2 more years of experience than her!! Must be because she's a woman... :)

    I think feminism is stupid. But then again I really don't know much about it, and don't care to.

  • Most likely a new movement is needed.

    The problem with feminism- feminine is in the name which means it's for women, not both genders. It may have originally been for gender equality, but the feminine part is just confusing. So I think either a counter movement for men is needed to ensure men and women have equal rights rather than men have less rights, or a new movement for gender equality on both sides is needed.

  • Feminism has achieved its goals

    Feminism is no longer needed in western society. There are a few reasons for this.

    Women have more fundamental rights than men do. Women and Men have the same political rights and are afforded the same equality of opportunities as men. However women have several distinctive rights which men do not have, one of which is the right to genital integrity. Women cannot be circumcised at birth, while men can. There are others but that is for another debate. Name one right a Man has a Woman does not.

    Feminists like to explain that because things are not of an equal outcome, that those things are not equal. This is not the case. If 2% on a populous is comprised of women in an area, that does not make that area anti woman, It certainly CAN mean that, but it does not mean that women aren't allowed. The same way that a Women's studies course is going to be dominated by women, some women don't find some areas interesting on the whole. So thay don't gravitate towards them. In short, women have agency and can make choices. Equality exists from women to join, therefore women are equal. Women can be firefighters, but they have to meet the same standards men do, and more of them can't. This does not mean that firefighters are anti woman, it means that a high amount of women don't meet the physical requirements of firefighting. Their strength forbids them from passing the test, not their gender, because there are women firefighters.

    The majority of Feminist shouting points are also largelynot factually accurate. The 1-4, 1-5 rape statistic is based on a study which is grossly overstated, had a low response rate and used questions that were ambiguous. It has been largely debunked, the Wage gap is also largely debunked. As when position, education, hours worked, overtime and a ton of other factors are accounted for, the gap falls to practically non existent. Women work less hours, they make up a higher percentage of part time work, they're more likely to stop or halt their careers once they've had a child, and typically are not found in high risk positions as often as men.

    Women make up the majority of the population, they make up the majority of degree holders, they're more likely to graduate, they're better test takers, they're preferred in stem fields 2 to 1, and in the first 15 years of their working careers they make more money on average than men. Yet we see women only scholarships in STEM, we see pushes for women in academia, and push after push to help women more. Today they're hardly oppressed, if anything, I'd say they've got a leg up.

    Feminism focuses on women, and neglects everything else unless another group's issues can be appropriated and given to women to improve women, and only by consequence will the less fortunate group get what they need, simply on the basis the women wanted it too.

  • No, feminism could have been a good idea, but a lot women have made a mockery out of it.

    Here's the main problem with feminism, women complain that men objectify them. However, in reality, women are coming to the point where they are objectifying themselves. It's claimed that many women wear clothing that is misjudged for being "too revealing", as @DannyHay states, when that's actually what's happening. Are there men that are treating women like objects? Of course, and that probably won't change. However, the number of hypocritical women outweighs that of the objectifying men. See where I'm going? If women want equality, both male and females are going to have to make some changes, not just males.

  • Feminists aren't logic and are against mother nature

    I am a woman myself and I love the world the way it is. I believe everything is just meant to be. Everyone is different, not only men from women but also women from women or men from men. I would rather fight for an equal distribution of work between men and women rather than for similar tasks/work between both sexes. Feminism is not logical and goes against all "nature". I believe in God; we do not own this world or our bodies, I believe we should go with the flow with no regrets because that's how God wants it to be and THE future as well as OUR future is already planned out. Feminism is also impossible and unreachable; it will also result is no more treating "like a lady" which might sound ridiculous to worry about that but I'm telling you that the world will be less kind, stricter and more harsh on people. Feminism does not impose peace.

    Written by a 15 year old girl. Please don't try to change what you don't own. Peace <3

  • Feminism is Masculinism

    It's hypocritical. While feminism is a good idea in conception it's being used as a front for hate speech, bigotry and masculinism (empowerment, violence. And hypermasculinity). Feminism ought to be
    a. Inclusive of men
    b. Promoting values such as caring, emotion, and love
    c. Focused on bringing feminism to men

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-11-30T03:25:13.017
Thought this was funny. You can thank feminism for this censorship too. Its what theyre about after all, restricting freedom, censorship, and other politically correct BS.