What is your view on the $15/ hour raise for fast food workers? Yes= Support No= Against

Asked by: Hlinnerooth
  • More spending power equals better economic cash flow

    If you give a rich man an extra 30 percent, they will "invest" it into stocks and interest bearing accounts, fundamentally stagnating the monetary flow.

    If you give an increased amount of cash to poorer individuals, they will spend it on American goods and services which keep our economy flowing and functional.

    The consolidation of wealth, just like the consolidation of power, results in the dysfunction of the economic system.

  • The inflation of funds overrides the value of work:

    What is a job worth? That's a great question, particularly because some jobs are harder than others but pay less than others and vice versa. Are all entry level positions the same? Should you be paid based on your education? Should you be paid based on the energy you personally expend? Should you be paid in your usefulness to the community?

    These are more complex questions than one thinks. For instance who is used more often, a fireman or a retail clerk? Who is worth more, a sports star who entertains millions of people or a teacher who educates thousands of children in their career? Who works harder, a 40 hr. A week short-cook or an accountant who works part-time?

    The value of one's work has been disconnected from the inherent notion of progression. With the system prior being built on upward mobility this no longer occurs therefore you are faced with the reality that entry-level positions can also be final-level positions so what was once a matter of introduction is now perhaps a matter of sustenance. Because of this it is not necessarily wise to raise the minimum wage nationally to such a level but at the same time encouraging a living wage by either fixing prices or raising the minimum wage is a requirement to maintain a stable society.

  • Survival and the Cost of Living

    I understand that keeping operational overhead low by depressing wages is a tactic used by business to retain profitability but it shouldn't be seen as the primary tactic used by them. There are ways of reducing costs and retaining profitability while providing a more livable wage to production level employees; there have been companies which have successfully done this (ie: In & Out Burger, Five Guys).

    When people aren't given a livable wage who makes up the difference? It tends to be state funded social welfare programs, which are tax funded (the State will have to compensate). The burden is shared by the producers in society.

    The lower consumption costs passed off to the consumer (due to lower labor costs and overhead) are off-set by increased taxes, and deficit spending on social programs to provide for these people. Personally, I would be willing to spend 20% more on fast food, and paying a less taxes.

    Evannnn who determines the value of the worker? The value given to an individual worker is arbitrary based upon the businesses current profit model. A little less C level compensation can mean healthier, happier workers and economic contributors.

  • It's a very hard job and I say yes if it's for the American born here worker not people born in Legally to work

    I say yes because people cant even get the job without having a diploma number and working with the public dealing with the public and then nastiness of these days today they should be paid well restaurants and fast food any kind of food serving places people are not treated nice so yes but I tell you this they didn't give that raise for our people most of these fast foods are being taken over by the illegal aliens children the children that are born here illegal they're doing it to benefit them not to benefit our Americans however I hope some of us are benefit from the raise because people cant even pay rents here in n.Y any more unless your well off cist

  • The Protesters Miss This Simple Fact...

    Protesters believe that gaining this pay raise will be helpful to them. In fact, it could get them fired.
    Think about it. If the employer has to grant the pay raise, that means he would have to pay way more than he had originally planned. He/she will fire a few workers so that they can keep their profits. That means that the unemployment rate will increase.
    Basically, this protest doesn't win anything.

  • People have no work ethics anymore...

    Why should they get paid $15/ hour for asking people, "Do you want fry's with that?"
    Its a entry level job! If you want to make more per hour worked then you need to work hard and move up! Why do people just want things handed to them now days?
    The American dream is not to get the things you want handed to you!
    The American dream is to work your ass off and actually be proud to call something your own!

    And the comments the positive comments some Government officials are saying about these workers... I think I may have lost most of my hope in our government now...

  • This will not encourage people to get a job.

    People will be satisfied with just working as a fast food employee and not strive to do anything better to help other people in this country for their good and the country's good as well. Even though they get paid little, raising fast food workers salaries will say something to the other businesses that actually operate good jobs.

  • Minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage.

    I have 2 bachelor's degrees, and a masters degree. I only make about 50K a year, and as a teacher I'm lucky to get that. But, minimum wage jobs aren't there for people to be happy with mediocrity. I work fast food for several years working at $6/hour, and it taught me that I don't want to work fast food. I made it work for the time being knowing that I would have something better later on. Those MINIMUM wage positions are there, in my opinion since this is the format it's suggested, to show people you don't want to work minimum wage. Some people understand that in high school, and some people get there in their mid 40's.

  • I Can't Support This

    If the minimum wage is raised, then I think we will almost immediately see this change ripple up through every pay scale in the nation, and pricing as well. If minimum wage is raised from roughly $7.50 to $15, that's a double. So now, employees who currently make $15 have every right to ask for $30, and so on. Rather than take the loss on the chin, the companies will balance the changes through layoffs, and probably double the prices on most goods and services, effectively countering any real change. So the end result, unless you heavily regulate the businesses, is that you cut the value of the dollar in half.

  • Not a very good idea.

    Anyone who thinks that higher minimum wages is better has no basic knowledge about the economy. If your work is only worth 10 dollars, but employers are forced to pay you 15 dollars, why would they keep you around? Would they not instead hire people who are worth 15 dollars to get their monies worth? Of course they would. This would result in more unemployment of the lesser skilled workers.

    Not only this, but a higher minimum wage gives incentive for individuals to use machines to produce things instead of people. This way, they are not forced to pay someone more then they are worth, and in return get possibly faster production that is more reliable.

  • Fridge no. Bad idea

    The employees get to spend more, but there are less employees. Why? Because the company needs to make profit, and if the labor input costs any more than it already does, then the company must run on deficit if it were to keep its workers. Thus, they fire employees because they can't lower wages (people are really touchy about this; besides, the argument is to raise the wage). And if the company WERE to take the irrational action and to keep its labor force and at the same time raise the wages, the price of the products would raise, the sales would go down, and to keep the boat afloat, the company still has to resort to firing employees(assuming the wage remains unchanged). Want a better spread of wealth? Then dont raise teh wages, because that would forsake others and make the limited few richer.
    Besides, by making the fast-food career more affordable, you forsake other potential jobs that require more education. Thus, thee dumb down the world.
    P.S. I excuse myself for any mistakes in my argument, I did not bother reviewing it >:D

  • Mass exodus of educated professionals to apply at McDonald's

    I hold a bachelor's degree and two master's degrees. I work as a mental health therapist. There are licensure fees, continuing education fees, professional organization fees and liability insurance; not to mention student loans. I have to take time outside of work to educate myself and think about my clients. I listen to difficult stories every day and I earn $34k/year. I paid for an education so I could earn more and better myself. It was a choice. I'm all for encouraging people to better themselves, but $15 an hour for fast food workers is an insult to the very many underpaid college grad professionals who worked so hard to get where they are.

  • Fast food workers aren't always worth $15

    If the company was attentive at how hard the employee was working, then they could judge and see if they were worth a pay raise, or barely earning the minimum wage. It's up to the company to notice, but it's up to you to earn it. Going the extra mile is hard, but it you do it consistently it will become very prominent and noticed. $15 is a lot of money, compared to $7, and if you're going to make that much money, you better earn it.

  • Fast food workers aren't always worth $15

    If the company was attentive at how hard the employee was working, then they could judge and see if they were worth a pay raise, or barely earning the minimum wage. It's up to the company to notice, but it's up to you to earn it. Going the extra mile is hard, but it you do it consistently it will become very prominent and noticed. $15 is a lot of money, compared to $7, and if you're going to make that much money, you better earn it.

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