What kind of people are cooler: Nerds (yes) or Geeks (No)?

Asked by: PatriotPerson
  • Nerds are way cooler!

    Nerds are brilliant individuals, brainiac super heroes,(if you will) who distribute knowledge because of their enthusiasm. They really don't care for attention, they just enjoy helping out. They don't search for recognition if they do help through their intellect. They like to create books, fanwork, experiments, studies, etc. That's nerds.
    Geeks enjoy being seen as 'not mainstream' and part of fandoms.
    Some nerds are geeky, but the not vise versa. Remember: a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.

  • Nerds are much cooler!

    Nerds are brilliant individuals who devote their eccedingly well balanced minds into studies, experiments, works of literature, fanwork, etc. They hold particular interests in more so intellectual or fanbased areas and enjoy learning. They shouldn't have to prove to society that they are prepared to undertake any given challenge of the brain. And although they may be seen as socially 'inept', they are incredibly beneficial to the world weather they are recognized for it or not.
    Geeks, however are more interested in being seen as 'not mainstream' or belonging to a fandom.
    Nerds are able to have geeky sides, but not the other way around. Remember, a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.
    As you can clearly seem Nerds are like brainiac superheroes whereas Geeks are people who like to be different.

  • Nerds rule, geeks drool

    Nerd to me means that you are an expert at something and extremely smart. Geek means that you are into non-mainstream stuff, though not necessarily that smart. Most nerds are geeky and can also sometimes be labeled nerd and geek simultaneously. I feel there are less geeks that qualify as being nerdy.

  • Oh what a stupid question

    Who actually even cares?

    If you want my opinion, though, I prefer nerds. Geeks are nice. But nerds are more welcoming and understanding. Myself being socially inept and very apathetic, I prefer being surrounded by funny and welcoming people than more socially inept people. LOOK AT TUMBLR PEOPLE IT IS FANTASTIC.

  • In almost all ways.

    Geeks are smarter, nicer, and just cooler. Let's look at the definition of nerd:
    1.A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious: "one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance".
    2.An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession.

    Now the definition of geek:
    1.An unfashionable or socially inept person.
    2.A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest: "a computer geek".

    As you can see, geeks may dress worse and talk less, but they are nicer and they don't try to flaunt their success in something. Plus they are usually smarter.

  • Geeks vs Nerds? Why choose?

    Well to start off, the Cons about Nerds. Nerds and Geeks are both very smart, yet nerds act like they know everything. They have to answer EVERY question, to make sure that everyone knows who they are. The NERD. They have to become teachers pet, then soon enough the TEACHER! Sitting in the desk telling the teacher new things. Now to Geeks. Geeks are the calmer ones shyer ones yet alone nicer ones. They are usually bullied, which increases there scaredness and makes them very quiet. They are not show offs, they just sit in the corner and do what they're supposed to do. NERDS = BRANIAC SHOW OFF GEEK = SHY SMARTY

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1dustpelt says2013-08-07T13:59:32.653
What's the difference
PatriotPerson says2013-08-07T14:18:18.107
A lot of things. Look at our answers.
1dustpelt says2013-08-07T14:19:21.727
Can one be both?
PatriotPerson says2013-08-07T14:20:24.613
Actually, yes. But I'm just a Geek.