What Kind Of Persecution Does American Christians Face?

  • Persecute 1:Subject (someone) to hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of their race or political or religious beliefs

    2: to annoy with persistent or urgent approaches (as attacks, pleas, or importunities)

    By the definition, persecution doesn't have to be about violence or suppression of rights, as 'some' on the 'no side' seem to be implying here.

    The way Christians are ridiculed in the media and by the secular public fits this definition to a T! Even trying to deny the fact that Christians are persecuted is part of the problem.Like those trying to deny the fact unarmed black men are killed by police in the US at an alarming rate.

    As a black man, I've experienced racial profiling at the hands of police several times, and it's annoying to hear people who's life experiences do not include being racially profiled tell me that racial profiling doesn't exist. But those people identify with those carrying out the racial profiling as part of the same dominant group.

    Whether it's religious, political or any other kind of oppression, the dominant group doing the oppression will always try to justify its actions. And if that dominant group can convince itself and the suppressed group that there's no persecution taking place... Well then, all the better for the dominant group.

    In today's world there are a number of secular, left-wing groups that all hate Christians and have no problem changing laws support their strange, false beliefs. There's no denying most people in academia politics and the media and secularist. Even law and enforcement and bureaucrats, all these powerful social entities are filled with people who have little respect for Christians.

    The hypocrisy of secular people is mind boggling! Which is worse, a Christian standing on a street corner preaching the good news of salvation, or activists and politicians changing laws and then expect Christians to drop our beliefs and follow those laws or else?

    Oh, and how does tax exemption negate any persecution Christians may face? From what I can see, that's just another reason to hate Christians

  • Subversion into submission:

    Largely, Christians in America are faced with degradation and second class citizen status, for example, they cannot speak freely about their beliefs without someone throwing out "Separation of Church and State" which is not actually a law, nor is it a constitutional amendment; it is, in fact, from a letter from Thomas Jefferson assuring Christians that the government will not infringe on their right to worship freely, just a little ironic at how it's being used now.. Christians are called socially unacceptable names, simply for disagreeing with, for example, gay marriage -- Christians are branded as "Homophobes" even though that is far from true in most cases. People can disagree with one another without hate or fear being part of the process. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against Christian groups and businesses under hate statutes, most are spurious, but some are legitimate cases. There have been threats of violence against churches, parishioners harassed, and rights of free speech and worship have been refused to them in public settings under the guise of equality. There's a failure in the current culture to separate a person from their affiliation, and in my opinion I think its to justify narrow mindedness. For example, Westboro Baptist church is a flagrant example of what a Christian is NOT supposed to be. Christians are well aware of this because the discussion of love is almost completely removed from Westboro's teachings, but that group is still lumped in and used to attack Christians. A philosophy cannot be judged by the individuals who follow it, because humanity is not perfect. Consider Marxist ideals of communism as another example.

  • They are judged for their beliefs

    Because some people say they soport the contatution you can't say you think so and so are dumb for being gay which is against the bible and if you refuse to marry a gay couple you can be shut down the church and they can lose there licens to marry people

  • Not socially accepted

    I think the kind of persecution Christians face is the most subtle. That is because it seems not to be socially acceptable to spread the word. Society makes Evangelism awkward and out of place in the world. Other than that, it is perfectly fine to be a Christian in America.

  • American Christians face the same amount of persecution as any other.

    America has become a land where any and all beliefs are prone to criticism no mater how widely accepted that belief is. I would argue that the concept of capitalism has passed to a ideological level where only the most adaptable ideas can survive. This ideology also effects religion has we see a decline in the major Abrahamic faiths and a slow rejuvenation of the old Pagan faiths.

  • They are not.

    Unlike how Christians have persecuted other beliefs here in the U.S. and around the world, no group is imprisoning, torturing, or killing people because they are Christian. About the only thing that non-Christians are doing is preventing other non-Christians from being brainwashed into the belief. In other words, we are still preventing the Christians from persecuting other faiths or those who lack a belief. Sure, in other countries, they may be persecuted but not here in the U.S.

  • American Christians are free

    Christians in American are not persecuted. Christains in America account for 78% of the population, so they are the biggest religious group in America. We have a Christain as president, so why would a christian president persecute other christains. Christains are allowed to spaek about their religion, wherever and whenever they want, in public or in private. They can pray whereever and whenever they want. Their Institutions are tax-exempt, churches. They have their own T.V shows, where they sell stuff to people. Their the biggest group in America. The only kind of "persecution", which its not, that they face is seperation of church and sates. But thats to ensure that the U.S dosen't become a theocracy and have religion influence political decisions, but thats not persecution because it affects every religion. So no christains aren't persecuted

  • Atheists, Gays and Muslims

    Suffer more persecution then white Christians will ever know. And the persecution is done by white Christians. Christian often use their bible to justify their hatred towards other groups like Atheists, Gays and Muslims. Christians rule the country, they have little to complain about when they make the rules.

  • Christians do not face any kind of persecution.

    How dare Christians complain about how may rights they have. Their religions freedom is protected by the Constitution. Churches does not even pay taxes. Often people disagree with Christians because of some ideas that are in the Bible and are wrong. It is normal that people persecute some ideas as we don't like. For example Leviticus 18.22 or Ephesians 5:22.

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