What limits should be imposed on the work of scientists?

Asked by: Bissoon
  • Scientists can tell us about what "is" not what "ought"

    Science can describe the world as it is, but the question of what to do with these facts is not something that can be answered by scientists. In fact it can't really be answered by anybody because it's subjective. Only you can know what you want to do for yourself. Groups and societies can make decisions about "ought" as well, which will never be an objective decision, but just by existing we are always deciding.

  • The world of science has changed completely.

    The world has become complex. We can't leave everything on the scientists. But public do not have expert knowledge. Therefore they have to listen to scientists. And certain questions can only be answered by scientists. When scientists are in the lab researching. They accidentally come by discoveries. It is neutral knowledge.

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